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Cornerstone is a small school, specifically the high school, has about 50 students in total. It was beneficial because we then got to know everyone, and there wasn't that grade division. I also had so much 1 on 1 time with my teachers to get help and they knew you and your learning style. I love Cornerstone because we all are like a big family and life and support each other up through prayer.
I joined Cornerstone as an international student from Rwanda and I was amazed by how nice and friendly the teachers are. Also, the amazing thing is that it is a Christian school and they give students a chance to learn about God. Cornerstone also being really diverse has helped to learn so many things about other countries in different parts of the world. My favorite thing as a senior was joining basketball because though I had never played before, the coaches and the team were really amazing and they love and support one another.Through cornerstone i have been able to improve my English schools and they have done a good job in preparing me for my life calling.
I attended Cornerstone for thirteen years. I enjoyed all my years there. The teachers cared about not only my academic life, but my personal life. I know that in years ahead if I ever need help and call up a past friend or teacher from that school they would gladly help. The academics was challenging and I was able to get college credit for a few classes. I would like to see athletics change by growing bigger and have more of a variety.
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My experience from CCA was very good. This is like my second home they treat you as a family at this school. With so much teacher and parent investment into the students you cant go wrong.
Cornerstone has an amazing faculty. The teachers there are probably the best in the state, and I am not exaggerating. They will do whatever they can in their power to help their students succeed. Whether that is staying after, helping them outside of school, taking time out of class to answer their questions, you can tell they love their students. The problems at Cornerstone are the facilities, administration, and the price. The administration is all out of the loop when it comes to the daily activities at the school. There is a distinct lack of professionalism when it comes to the administration at Cornerstone. The price is way too high when it comes to the facilities. The classrooms are dirty, the food is sub-par, the gym is amazing, but they do not regularly clean it which takes away from the quality of the school. They also lack a workout area and locker, which is a common necessity in schools.
I went to Cornerstone Christian Academy for about 6 years, three of them being high school. As far as a private school goes, Cornerstone is probably one of the academically-advanced ones. I was able to take a couple of AP and Honors classes, as well as compete in several ACSI level clubs. Cornerstone offers a variety of retreats, road trips, field trips, mentoring programs, and clubs as well.
The teachers on campus are wonderful, caring people! My class ratio up to senior year was about 8-10 people (senior year was about 3-4 people including myself). With classes being so small, the teachers are able to create meaningful relationships with the students. Cornerstone also offers a cultural experience. For the past 5 years, the school has been able to host a variety of AYA foreign exchange students. This has helped me, as well as others, to meet students from other countries and learn about their culture.
Cornerstone had some really amazing teachers, and the people there were pretty nice too, I learned a lot in only a year of attending. The athletic program is organized and a great experience for any high school student. Sometimes things were a bit disorganized, but I think that any school goes through problems regarding that.
Cornerstone is a very safe environment for children. Not only do the students receive an excellent education but they are also taught the importance for being good citizens. There is a no tolerance policy on bullying in the school.
Cornerstone is consistently working to improve and add additional extracurricular activities.
The overall education my child receives at the school is outstanding. The teachers are outstanding.
Every teacher my son has had has been caring and engaging. Every year my son says that this years teacher is his favorite teacher.
Cornerstone keeps an eye on what's happening around the school, and the doors are locked from 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. with a front door buzzer system in place. Every year they evaluate where safety can be improved, and have no implemented an after school buzzer system for the families that have children in after care.
Cornerstone does great with having a smaller school. Students in primary grades have opportunities to be involved in art activities and shows, as well as our Christmas and spring musicals. At the junior high and high school level students can be involved in student council, and now an expanded fine arts program.
I am really grateful for this school as I don't feel that my kids would be in a safe and nurturing environment at the public school. The students are watched over here, and the class sizes are small so students do not fall through the cracks. I feel that my children are ahead academically of the public schools, and that their individual gifts are nurtured.
Cornerstone teachers have longevity because they love their work and they love their students. I greatly appreciate that teachers will take the time to talk to me about any questions or concerns that I may have. Parents are welcome to bring their students in to their classrooms each day, as well as picking them up at their classroom each day. At that time, teachers are available to talk to and help parents with whatever they need. Teachers pour so much into their classrooms and their students!
The staff at Cornerstone Christian Academy make sure that the things that are broken or out of place let our maintenance man know right away. The janitor service at the school makes sure everything is in the best possible condition. Everything gets cleaned and taken care of everyday. The staff at the school make sure the students are studying in a clean and safe environment.
There is a sense of family at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Everyone knows everyone, because it is a smaller school. It is preschool to high school, so the younger kids look up to the older ones. The curriculum is chosen to prepare us for college. The extra curricular activities are great. There aren't as many choices as there would be at a public school, but there is always something for everyone to do that they love. Our superiors really try and make sure that the school is the best possible environment for their students.
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The teachers at Cornerstone Christian Academy are extreamly intelligent in the ways that they present their curriculum. They prepare us for college by making the curriculum hard enough to keep us engaged, but they a gladly willing to help the students who struggle. If a students asks if they can get help after school or during lunch the teachers are willing to give up their time to make sure that student understands the curriculum. These teachers are some of the most caring people I know.
The administration sucks. The policies are absolutely ridiculous. The teachers and administration do not even follow any of them. The people are rude and favoritism is a HUGE problem.
Some teachers have been rude. The students are snobby and rude.
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