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Cornerstone Christian Academy Reviews

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What I enjoyed about Cornerstone Christian Academy was the small class sizes and being able to form a relationship with the teachers. Most of the teachers would invest time to make sure that you understood the material. I made a lot of friends there and made great memories. There were many sports and some clubs that you could get involved in. The only thing I wish they had more of was resources for classes such as math and science.
There could be a better variety.
Teachers build relationships with students.
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Overall quality, experience, and low turnover of faculty is great for students.
The teachers pretty much teach the same.
I think this school was perfect for me. My class and I were basically family and I even got pretty close with some of the teachers.
The guidance counselor and principal get very involved in the students life and are helpful people.
There aren't many different sports to choose from but they seem like they're trying to improve that.
The computer resources aren't good, but the guidance counselor is awesome and there are always teachers willing to tutor.
The foods not very good and it's way over priced.
There's no bullying and no real need to cops or anything like that because of how small of a school it is.
There is a lot of time for one on one with the teachers and they are always willing to help.
The way students treat each other is great. No one cares if they come from canada or another state or if they're a different color or anything. There is peer pressure, but the good kind. Everyone challenges each other to study and work hard. There have been several cases where students come in that don't have good work ethics but because of other students, have changed and are now hard workers.
The health at Cornerstone Christian Academy have a lot of the students who are atlethic, always involved in a sport, always on their feet. Their are always sports events during th summer when school is over.The safety in our school very well; police officer come now and days to check the outside of school and inside. The princpal now and days checks are lockers for any dangerous weapons, since our schoool is small. There are security cameras around the school. The principal is ALWAYs talks to officers to give adivce on what to do improve the school to be safe. Our schol nurse is absoutly wonderful, she would be like a second mom to the studentd. One of the biggest health programs they have at our school is the Blood Drive and a lot teens and faculty are willing to donate as much as they can.
Abosutly opinion is that I feel safe...ALWAYS. I abousetly believe that's what parnets love a lot about the school.
My school is amazing and I believe everyone should attend. When I first came Cornerstone Christian, I came to CCA because I was treated horrible by other students in public school. Once I started the 9th grade at CCA I struggled a lot in my school work. Because when I was in public school I ALWAYS got A's & B's but the teachers didn't push us harder; barely any h.w, projects,study skills, easy math problems, Grammar(adj.adv.digramming,etc) test's and if we failed our test we still ended up with a B to pass the class. In other words...public school just me gave me easy A's.
While I was at Cornerstone and as weeks went by with the help of my wonderful teachers and mostly imporantly God, I improved a lot. And got the grades I deserve. In the beginning I had 2.75 now I have a 3.20 GPA!. I thank God every day for blessing me with my new teachers cause now am ready for college. I don't know what would have happend if I stayed at public school.
ALL the teachers show all their attention and love to the students. No matter how busy they can be...they will give their attention to the students when need them. None of the students are sacred to raise their hands or express themselves.My science teacher, soccer coach, helps me every day after soccer pratice to improve my ACT score.
This school is a huge blessing in my life and I WISH I could you more.
Thank you so much for your time to read about Cornerstone Christian Academy.
God Bless
The teachers at our school are phenomenal. Most have been teaching at Cornerstone for over ten years. They bring a positive attitude and a hunger for knowledge to the classroom everyday. I have found that the teachers are extremely patient and desire for students to get as much out of class time that they are able.
Our school facilities are recent and very well maintained. Our gym is the largest in our region, and we are going to replace our gym floor shortly. The resources available to students like myself are extensive. Resources include: our guidance counselor who has a Ph.D. in Psychology as well as education; a computer lab available to all of our students, our teachers who all offer free after school tutoring. All of the parents affiliated with our school are very involved in the lives of our students and make sure that they get the best education possible.
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The academics offered at our school include general, honors and AP classes. Students are offered a very intense curriculum that follows a college preparatory program. The amount of work a student is given daily can be a bit overwhelming for the new student but most find they can quickly adjust and thrive academically.
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