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I have a son who started there when he was a 3 years old. It was hard for me and for him. His English wasn't good, he is shy and not so outgoing. His first 2 teachers were amazing and he get used to it pretty quick. I was worried this year again, but the 2 new teachers are even more awesome. I like the teacher: student ratio , 2 teachers to max of 14 kids.. but they are never 14 a lot of part timers. I like that they send pictures through out the day . I am a helicopter parent, i want the best for my child and i will not settle for anything less. This pre-school is amazing. They teach manners no bad attitude. A+ from me
Small classes, individual attention, family like atmosphere. Caring staff, 46% of staff has their masters.
If I could give zero stars I would. Stay away from this school. The least Christian-like people working here I've ever encountered. Hateful, spiteful, vindictive from the preschool director & staff all the way up through the pastoral staff. They do not walk the walk at all. The education used to at least be pretty good, but every year that suffers in favor of outside activities so that family and friends have a 'job'. These people do not care about your kids! They only care about your money. And they want more and more of your money every year, and offer less and less for it. Shameful!
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Not a good school. No pun intended but they do not practice what they preach. We've been informed directly and through email, by management including the senior pastor Greg, that they do not care about nor do they value family values. We've been yelled at, by staff and Greg (believe it or not) that they don't care. All they want is your money. What they need is new pastor staff and upper school management and some humility and to be more God fearing / focused. I suggest you find another school to take your kids to.
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