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Cornerstone Christian Academy is known for an extreme focus on education and the well-being of each and every student. Students are expected to excel in this environment and I personally have seen improvements in my own education just in being there for a short time. The teachers work hard on each student. No student at this school can tell you they have been overlooked when it comes to understanding a specific subject. The only reason that I cannot give it that fifth star is because there has been an overload of new rules set. There are no reasons for these new rules and many of the teachers will even complain that they are never asked before a new rule is set. The teachers go above and beyond to make it the best experience for the students so the fact that administration won't trust their word is insulting. I understand that the administration thinks they are doing what is best for all of the kids, but there should be a limit to the absolute power that someone has.
Cornerstone Christian Academy is a good school, that has a very friendly environment. All the teachers are there to help you learn, and will help you better your understanding if you are struggling if you ask.
I love the closeness from students to teachers. The relationship between the two helps both parties understand and comprehend lectures better and better every time. I also love the courses and electives that are offered here at CCA, and the way we take those very seriously. One thing I would love to see change about the school when I graduate is the amount in student involvement in all activities provided by the school.
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Very bad administration. They don't punish bad behavior very well, are rude to families who aren't as involved with the school, students are stuck up and spread false rumors.
I have attended CCA since kindergarten. I have seen the school grow and become what it us today. I liked the small class sizes and the extra curricular activities.
I love my school, because its different than public school. Everyone is included, everyone is family, and everyone is loved. I always tell people I didn't know what I was missing out on before transferring to cornerstone. I didn't realize that there are people out there like me that care about their education and their biblical christian foundation so much. From switching to cornerstone, I found a home where I am excepted, loved, and given a chance to make a difference in my school.
It's pretty good. All the high school classrooms are a bit cramped, and the architecture of the school is pretty faulty, but other than that, it's not bad at all. Everyone's really kind and caring, and the general community is easy-going and open-minded. All of the education is above average and understandable. The wifi does kinda suck, though.
Great teachers, administrators, and students. The senior mission trip to Costa Rica each year is a great way to for students to serve and use the gifts they have developed while at CCA.
My five children have attended CCA. My two oldest have now graduated. Both had excellent test scores and now attend state colleges where they are also excelling. They made lifelong friends at CCA among the students and staff. It is a family atmosphere with a stress on academics and character.
The dress code is very strict, which is good but a little drab after wearing the same thing year after year.
We have what's called lunch out every Friday. Basically, kids order food from a certain local restraint, and parent volunteers pick up the food and bring it to the school.
The school is very safe. I have never felt threatened or unsafe while on campus. The nurse is excellent and the overall feel of the campus is cheery. Bullying is very minimal.
I love my school. I have gone there for 13 years and it hasn't failed to impress me! It may not be big and fancy, but I would definitely recommend going there.
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