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The culture at Cornerstone Charter Academy and welcoming and supportive. We have been very happy with the rigor of the academics and the opportunities for extracurricular activities for our children.
I have attended Cornerstone since the school first began as a sixth grader. I am currently a senior and I love the friendliness of the teachers and staff who have helped prepare me for college.
I love this school because the teachers are amazing. They encourage me to do my best while providing entertaining classes. The high school is small and it is nice to know everyone. The building itself is beautiful and well maintained. I participated in soccer and the administration did its best to make sure we could use the bus and that we had everything we needed for game day.
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Love Cornerstone Charter! The school itself is spacious, new, clean and inviting. The student body is connected and inclusive, with ample opportunities for students to connect and interact in a positive way. The curriculum is tough, but the class sizes are small enough where the teachers can give individual attention to those who need it. The admins are visible and involved, and the PTO is active and thriving. Love the parental involvement, and that Cornerstone is a school that values that, along with teaching core principals and values to our children, as part of their overall education.
I have had a great experience at the school even though we were a part of the first graduating class. We have to pave the way in many different fields and our teachers and administration were nothing but supportive.
The small class sizes at Cornerstone create a strong community of students who are committed to success both in and outside of the classroom.
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I love the family atmosphere at Cornerstone Charter Academy. The small class sizes allow students to form personal relationships with their teachers. The classes are rigorous and students are encouraged to excel in their academics and get involved with their school and their peers. There is a mandatory leadership class for high school students with an emphasis on volunteering. There are many options for clubs and extracurriculars at Cornerstone. Sports teams range in how competitive tryouts are, from teams where almost half of the people get cut to teams where there are no cuts. If you are interested in playing a sport at Cornerstone, you will find a team who will accept you. Cornerstone is an amazing school that helps its students excel in school and prepare for the future.
I have attended Cornerstone for the past 7 years since its founding in 2012. I have had an extremely positive experience at Cornerstone. Cornerstone's small size has allowed a family like community to form. The size has also allowed me to form personal relationships with my teachers. Instead of being merely a student in a class, I feel like I am understood and appreciated by my teachers.
my brother has been bullied by the same kid since FIRST grade. he is now in 7th grade. my mom took him out for a year but he wanted to go back to be his friends and his siblings. the school has never done anything about it because they can’t find “intent”. first week back and he got bullied by the same kid!! school is STILLL doing nothing about it. DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE BEWARE!!!!!!!!
Cornerstone is a K-12 charter school with a smaller high school compared to the near by public schools. It allows for more one on one help between teachers and students.
Cornerstone Charter Academy is a K-12 charter school that moved to a new building 2 years ago. There is lots of parental involvement, a very active PTO, a very active athletics department, character education and a rigorous academic plan. It's a community of families coming together to see that our children not only get a good solid education but will be good citizens as well.
This is the third Charter School that we have had experience with and by far the best! The teachers and counselors are tuned in to their students and their needs. My son's grades were falling and immediately the counselor set up a meeting for myself, her and ALL of his teachers. We talked and worked together. I also have received a call saying that he doesn't seem himself in the last few days, is everything OK? I have never felt like my child was in better hands. Although, this site says Cornerstone is K-8 they have high school and working yearly to go through 12th grade. We are in high school and we love it.
Cornerstone is an awesome school! It has provided my child with a rigorous academic background which will surely allow them to succeed well into their middle school, high school, and college career. I can't begin to tell you how impressed others are with what my child knows at such as young age!!! The field trips that Cornerstone students are privileged to take are great and reinforce their classroom lessons. The parent involvement in phenomenal! We love Cornerstone!
The communication between administration/staff and the parents has been excellent. The teachers love what they do and are committed to making sure the students are learning yet still being challenged. I am excited to see what the future of CCA will bring and how the students will grow into becoming change agents and community leaders.
Cornerstone entered their brand new, top notch facility August 2016. It will grow to be a K-12 school in 2018/2019. Pillars include rigorous academics,character education and parental involvement. Teachers are dedicated, engaging and the turnover is low. Academics are rigorous with the addition of Honors and AP classes for each of the high school grades added, a move-up math program and challenging domains & vocabulary for elementary students in social studies and science. Highly active PTO with lots of opportunities for volunteering to support students, teachers/staff and a wonderful sense of "family" with school wide assemblies, activities and events! Our school places an emphasis on leadership through character education lessons and activities, volunteer opportunities in and outside of school and through our expanding athletic program.
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