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Cornerstone Charter Academy Reviews

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Cornerstone Charter Academy is the top Charter school in the area and focuses on three pillars, character education, rigorous education, and parental involvement.
Cornerstone Charter Academy is a very good school. The teachers teach well and the overall environment is great for kids who don't like public schools but still want to enjoy school and make friends.
There were students cussing everywhere you go there are a lot of fights it’s like a horrible public school it’s horrible I barely learned anything
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I graduated from CCA two years ago, and overall it’s a good school. I loved some of my teachers, and I felt pretty well prepared for college by taking mostly AP and honors classes.

Two things that aren’t good about cca is the admin and athletic program. The current AD is awful, and prospective student athletes should not go here; he’s run every athletic program into the ground. There’s also been some shady stuff with the admin that’s gone on, and they’ve made some pretty dumb decisions. Overall, decent school
Through my four years at Cornerstone, I have had a wonderful experience. Although the school may be lacking in simple things like food and sports, the overall experiences with staff and the technological advancements in the school triumphs the bad things.
The best school ever. Wonderful teachers, top security. Principal is amazing. On site police officers, school has enforced every measure possible for the safety of the students. Grounds and school are immaculate.
It a decent school. The smaller class sizes allow teachers to work personally with the students at times.
i had a great high school experience there, i found myself getting involved in groups and clubs which was fun! I really enjoyed my classes and teachers as well.
I liked how small the school was. It was wonderful going to school and knowing everyone that you saw. I knew the teachers cared and valued me as a person. I never felt like I didn't have somewhere to turn if I needed it. I didn't feel like I was as prepared for college as they say they are. It isn't a school to go to if you are athletic and looking for a scholarship. A lot about the school is unorganized because it is so small and still fairly new so it needs some work. They need to expand if they keep accepting the amount of kids that they do.
My experience with Cornerstone Charter Academy has been amazing. I've been in this school for like 3 years (I'm in 8th grade). But there are a few issues, like diversity. Yes, one of the teachers in our school got an award for Black National Month. But you'll mostly see white people in this school. Also, some of these students don't have the decency.As you're going up the stairs, you'll probably see some students making out. I know that public affection is normal, but honestly, these kids need to get a room. It's not even after school. It's during school time. Like can you just kiss and that's it? The teachers have amazing service and are there for you if you have questions. They'll try their best to get you prepared for the exams and EOCs. Their resources are also great.
This school so stricted we have to use uniform all the time for sport they say you need to pay two hundred dollars even if the team is trash this school only wants your money also for some reason you need to bring your id to school everyday and if you don't then you get a id violation why cant this school just be a normal school
I have gone to this school, personally, since it has opened. The academics are good, and most teachers try to reach out to ever student. There are some teachers that could use some work, though.
What I like about cornerstone is that the parents are involved with the school, they have challenging classes, and is a college prep school.
The change I would like to see in Cornerstone Charter Academy is the activity options. For Instance, there should be options for students future like Culinary, Vets etc.
What I liked about Cornerstone Charter Academy was being on the varsity softball team. I've played softball pretty much all my life and it has been a great 3 years playing for CCA. The coaching staff and the girls were great to work with and I will cherish my memories with them forever. What I would like CCA to change is how strict their rules are in general. I thought they were a little too harsh on us for no reason but I got over it in the beginning when I first arrived there.
Cornerstone Charter Academy is an up and coming k-12 school. The beautiful campus filled with exquisite teachers and students provides an excellent learning environment. An amazing amount of student-teacher relationships fill the classrooms with a home-like comfortable feeling. This school prepares its students for college and the future. It relies on the students to carry on the unique quality's that cornerstone charter academy's legacy will forever have.
Teachers need to prepare the students for college
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Teachers need to prepare the students for college
Need stronger teachers to teach and prepare for college
Teachers were involved with students in doing well and using their abilities
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