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A school constantly trying to prove itself academically, but lacking in almost every aspect resourcefully. Majority of teachers seem miserable and snappy with children and parents. Administration difficult to reach and seem unwilling or unable to properly plan and execute effective strategies in managing their school. Hallways and bathrooms always dirty. Large class sizes, only one guidance counselor for all 10 grade levels. Diverse student backgrounds encourage tolerance and understanding between peers, which is the best part.
Teachers and staff are horrible! I should have listened to the bd google reviews from last year. I just knew if I gave it a chance it would work........NO! The teacher for kindergarten were terrible not teaching sight words or reading until March! only 40 sight words were presented and if you go to another school, students need to know 115 before 1st grade. The teacher was not willing to assist us with resources or work. I was really hoping to like this school, now I have to take them out and start over. I will say the middle school is way better than the elementary. extra curricular activities also bite at this school, their sister school has way more! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this school and my kid is enjoying going to school every day. Their standards of teaching is high level.
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I love the teachers... Everyone knows everyone... I feel safe knowing that my child is taken care of. A very kind and caring school.
The ratio per teacher is 29-1. I believe that this is a high number of students per teacher. Yes there is a high level of education but at the extent of excessive "yelling" by the teachers in the classroom - which I have witnessed first hand. The staff including executive staff is very unfriendly and borderline rude. The tone in which they take with our children, even when they simply want to see the nurse is extremely rude. Good education, but very little time for the children to release energy (recess) and interactions with the staff/teachers are limited - and when presented takes a very rude tone. However you will be contacted for donations, fund raisers, teacher assistance donations etc. weekly (sometimes daily) but you never see where the money is going for school development. I say "buyer beware" everything that glitters isn't gold and Cornerstone Academy is a perfect example of this concept.
Most of the kids here can be mean but its okay.
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