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Had no services(i.e Counselors, Nurses, etc) Teachers only gave textbook and paper work along with most of them having expired or no teaching certificates or a diploma. I had some issues with classmates and teachers joined in the harassment and bullying and were never punished. I want to emphasize that this school removes anything that contradicts with the bible like evolution being what created us instead of a deity. Courses that was required to graduate included Bible studies in which you get points for participating in weekly church aka forcing students into their religion. Violating my rights....? Mostly chinese, BARELY any diversity. Last I heard, middle school electives are gone and replaced with mandatory study hall. No accelerated classes, no tutors, and insane punishments( forced to eat outside standing and in line, no free time if missing homework, no talking to peers if missing said work, etc)
I think that the education system of this school is fairly decent and will help you succeed, but the students are all segregated and have a hard time expressing their thoughts. Certain teachers also do not have set plans and push things to the last minute.
My Cornerstone Academy was pretty average. I was the only non-full Chinese student out of all the other students. The Academics weren't outstanding and they didn't really prepare me for private High School. Their main focus was to push their students to go to their own High School.
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The school doesn't provide that many, but then again, there weren't many students enrolled in the school.
I felt that the school sheltered me from the outside world. Most of the students at school were of the same ethnicity, so I never really learned about other people's difference in cultures.
The teachers at Cornerstone are usually all nice and understanding. They all deeply care about the students.
Most teachers in this school are actively engaged with their students and they all stress the importance of God in education (except some teachers who are some my favorites). They could use better textbooks and better curriculum to stimulate deeper thinking.
Cornerstone as a private school is to Mission as a public school.
Most of this school is completely dirty, especially the bathrooms. It's dirty but it's durable and I think that's why the school doesn't try to improve it most of the time.

We really don't have a nurse system or any health programs in this school. If someone gets hurt, the administrative offices provide first aid kits and ice packs depending on the severity of the injury. About health in general, PE teachers often combine health in their curriculum, teaching kids about dealing with their emotions through the power of Christ. Oddly enough, they never touched upon the subjects of sex ed or drugs during my time here in Cornerstone. Overall, I think they just covered enough and let the high school teachers delve into those subjects.


This school is pretty safe; there's no violence or any history of violence here at all.
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