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Cornerstone Academy/Lakeway Christian Academy Reviews

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Student teacher ratio is a’s 18:1. The Christiay culture is nearly gone. It’s merely spoken, but not seen in the majority of the students. It’s now all about sports. Such a great school is nothing more than a glorified high school. 😢
I loved the atmosphere, as it was a very close community. The teachers were eager to see my classmates and I succeed. It offered challenging courses which, I believe, have prepared me for college.
It started out with a focus on Christ and education. We loved the small class sizes with family type atmosphere. Now it’s really more about numbers and not individual students. Sadly disappointed with the direction of the school recently. Oh, and please bring back teaching grammar in high school!
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Cornerstone Academy is currently a very small school but is actively working on expanding by building a new gym and a new high school.
we don't have much, but we do with what we have
We don't have much, but we work with what we have
The Policies and administration keep a comfortable environment.
I love the Chess Club
I love how comfortable we feel around each other
I have never worried over my safety
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