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Corner Lake Middle School Reviews

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Corner Lake is a very good school, I t has very good choices for electives and other activities, it gives you a lot of options to do what you want to do. Corner lake has a good academic system for people who need more advanced teaching, the teachers are also very good for the people who need good teachers.
I love this school it's so fun and the teachers are great and they are the one of the first digital schools in the county
The school nurse know me VERY well i go there alot becuase i am really clumsy but she is always helpful and really nice. The school deputies are always on the campus and are very nice and talk to the students regularly to check up on them. There are no special security measures.
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We have a choir, dance, band, art, and a drama club. We have soooo many different clubs or extracurricular activities, some say more than most of orange county high schools and middle schools.
This school is an okay school the teachers in the eagle academy (which i'm in) are VERY good at there job and sometimes put more in then they should. This school is very unique because the students here are VERY different from one another and the campus in something else. I would chose this school for the teachers i have but if they were not here then i would never chose this school again
Most of my teachers here are very very good at there jobs they go above and beyond what they should and they incorporate fun new learning ideas into their lesson plans. They all know what they are teaching really well and they all love their students, some do not have the best communication skills but usually they can get there point across. Most of my teachers grade on a day to day basis but there are a couple that only grade once a couple of weeks.
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