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The faculty is very caring and provides a loving, but engaging learning environment. High expectations are placed among all students, and resources are provided to make sure they are met. Our principal is outstanding and so are our facilities, which are cleaned very thoroughly by our amazing custodians. I feel that I will be very ready for college after attending Corner High School.
Corner High School is an amazing school with a close community. The teachers are very caring and do their best to help students succeed.
I have nothing but good things to say about Corner High School. The community, facility, faculty, and quality of the teaching are all areas that Corner excels. Corner is located in one of the safest locations in Jefferson county and the school buildings were built relatively recently(about 10-15 years ago as of Oct 2019). Corner is the only high school in Jefferson county that has a skywalk and its campus seems like it should belong to a small university or private school rather than a public high school. The staff are some of the most caring teachers you will meet. They actually want to see you succeed and try to challenge you(even though the work is sometimes a little too challenging). My time at Corner is something that I will never forget.
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Principal Dr. Traywick is amazing as he cares about the students and the staff. He goes out of his way to make Corner High School as fun and safe yet a learning campus to strive for success in everything we do.
The teacher are engaging with us students and they are approachable and also caring of the students needs.
Our school is also very safe as the entrance is locked and no one comes in without identifying themselves and they are allowed in when properly identified. There is an officer on duty, Officer Deputy Drake is always on duty and helps keep our campus safe at all times and helps out in other ways when needed.
I can’t think of anything I’d like to change.
Corner High School was a good school to attend in my high school years. The teachers went out of their way to make sure everyone was college ready from the moment they entered freshman year until they graduated. The tips and resources they gave still help me now as I am two semesters away from graduating college. The school is inclusive of all groups of students no matter their background. Each club or organization associated with the school is intended to help students succeed in all areas of academic life.
Great school! Wonderful teachers. Classes and teachers prepare you for college. Lots of extracurricular activities to become involved in. New state of the art classrooms.
The academic opportunities given to students are good. The teachers care about the students a lot. The sports are not very good; they just aren’t taken very seriously in my opinion. There’s no diversity. It’s very safe, though. It has definitely prepared me for college and given me every resource I need for anything to come my way school wise.
This school has great teachers who take extra time to make their students understand the content. The classes are challenging. Corner offers AP classes really prepare you for college classes.
Corner provides a lot of opportunities for students. Students are given chances to earn college credit and get ahead before starting school. The only thing I would change is the teachers that teach basic, non-advanced are not as involved as they should be and are just trying to get their students to pass.
The things that I like about Corner High School is the teachers, clubs and organizations. I also like the administration. I think Corner High could fix the food and the sanitation.
When I went to corner I was very highly bullied but aside from that and no one doing anything about it the academics are way better than the school I’m at now.
Corner High School is a very mediocre school. Like any school, there is bullying and fights, but there are some good points. Corner has some of the best teachers you'll find, and one of the best principals I've ever met. The amount of good compared to the negativity is incomparable. The arts programs at Corner are highly ranked, while our athletics are also very important to the school. Corner allows all students to find a positive outlet into the real world.
It’s very clicky and the relationship with the teachers aren’t the best. It doesn’t push its students and is very boring and old fashioned. The principal is nice and trying to change corner into a good school but it isn’t working as of now.
How you know every single person in the school. The school is very close knit and everyone grew up together. The teachers have a unique teaching style but in the end every student graduates college ready.
Very nice school. Good experience. Teachers and Administrators give many chances to get involved in something around the campus.
Corner High School has a beautiful campus with lovely staff. The culture is shifting towards a more community driven atmosphere due to a change in administration. There are lots of opportunities to become involved.
Corner High School has a new Principal who is working real hard to turn things around.There is great interaction with the students and taking pride in who they are and what they do. There is much more communication and strive to prepare students for college.
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The new facilities are very nice and feels much like a college campus. It offers several advanced placement and dual enrollment classes to help prepare you for college. The faculty are very friendly and helpful. Most of them are willing to help you plan your future if you show interest.
Corner High School makes sure all of it's students are cared for. They help everyone in every way to succeed. Everyone apart of the Corner family has strong school spirit and support for one another. Corner High School has helped boost my academic abilities to heights I never knew I could reach.
Corner High School is a great school that consistently advances the academic and athletic prowess of the students through the use of great facilities and hard-working staff members. While our location may build some obstacles in the way of getting larger and better facilities and in the way of increasing student diversity, the community is anchored to this high school that continues to seek out the potential in all students.
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