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There's currently a lot of racism directed towards the small amount of minorities that attend this school. Luckily, I just escaped this as I graduated not too long ago. There is also a lot of bullying, the WAVE program tries their best to tackle it in Middle School but does not have a large affect...The teachers are okay but there are definitely a few that I have a strong sense of hate towards. Those couple are through-and-through bad teachers. The sports are great and even though Corinth isn't the best at sports, the coaches are good and the athletes try their best.
Great place to learn and safe and a fun environment. Teachers are hard working with care about students as does the counseling office.
I liked the teachers mostly. They were mainly nice and pretty fair. We do have some teachers that aren't as fair or favor certain students obviously to others around. The principal was usually fair, In 2012-2018 school year maybe not as much. Although he did his best to fully understand the students at hand and did a good job as a principal.
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Most students in this school are Caucasian. Once a year we get a foreign exchange student, but other than that, there is less than 10 minority students throughout the elementary, middle, and high school
If you cannot fit a class into your schedule, you just don't take it. Most non-core/elective classes are only offered once a year. Arts classes are limited.
We have all of the typical security measures in the school, but sometimes they're not actually strict. And to be honest, they act more as a bother than anything. Especially since it is a small school in a small town and there are never threats to our safety.
There aren't many extracurriculars, and the ones that exist do not have a lot of involvement, or the club advisors/actual clubs do not participate with much. For instance we have a foreign language club which is a great idea, but we only meet twice a year for a dinner
A lot of the parents don't pay much mind to their kid's education and that may be because we are from a small town. Many kids drop out
The teachers try what they can in a low-budget school, however there is not much consistency
All the teachers for the most part are really helpful.
Needs some work... whatever happened to all the trade classes? Where's wood shop? Other than that, I love Family and consumer sciences.
It's great, there are drug dogs and hardly anyone I know smokes and does drugs in school. I think there should be metal detectors and armed guards what with all the gun violence recently.
It has helpful organizations, and I'm proud to be in National Honor Society.
They're great, most of them listen to students' views, but a select few are disrespectful towards kids at times.
For the most part, the teachers are nice and don't assign ridiculous amounts of homework and we aren't forced to cram for tests constantly. I wish the school had more funding for field trips.
I was always a diligent note taker in all of my classes during high school, and even present day. My teachers were always extremely passionate and would try to teach us every thing they could, even outside the curriculum because they were all just that passionate about what they taught. If I ever needed extra help a teacher was there to aid me, even if I just needed advice that day. The teacher-student bonds at my high school were miraculous and had saved my life, in fact, and I wouldn't be who I am today without them.
I was blessed with amazing teachers while attending Corinth High School whom really helped my transition from Corinth to College. Though I am only going to a community college I am able to be on the dean's list and hopefully one day I can transfer to a grad school and make my Alma Mater as proud as they have made me to be their student.
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Certain students are prepared better than others for real world experiences and higher education. The outcome depends greatly on the economic standing of the students.
We have some very competitive sports teams although some sports are not offered. The school district does not have a lot of money so new sports and not added.
Although the cafeteria has a friendly staff, lunches are often unhealthy. Students can purchase the main lunch, a sandwich from the sandwich bar, or a salad. Also, there are snack and drink vending machines in the cafeteria. However, the healthiest lunch would be a lunch brought from home.
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