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Corinth was a decent school. There were some very good teachers and some very bad teachers. Some classes prepared me very well for college, while many just ended up being opportunities to watch movies.
The education level at my high school is amazing. We have amazing teachers who are very passionate about helping us succeed. They are very strict on trying to discriminate against one another. Our clubs are great and we have grown through our clubs. They make sure that we are college ready.
All in all it's a very good school, extremely inclusive and rather good at making everyone feel welcome, but some teachers have been known to act less than helpful. Some have gone so far as to just sit at their desk and not teach, leaving the students to fend for themselves.
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I haven’t really been at Corinth High School that long with me being a freshman but I can say so far it’s a really good school. I think that they need to start allowing Freshman’s too do the same thing the rest of the grade levels do as far as college career nights. There are a lot of students who have opportunities to graduate early and need as many scholarships as possible.
I really enjoyed being a student at CHS. It was an overall enjoyable experience and I was strongly challenged academically and physically. CHS has a very accelerated academic program from the University of Cambridge that allows you to become more prepared for college in the 4 years that you attend the school. Now that I am in college, I can tell that going to CHS prepared me so much for college.
Being a student at Corinth High School, CHS, I'm able to experience things that most students at other schools don't get to experience. First off, we are the only school in Mississippi that is on the Cambridge curriculum. Being on this curriculum I am able to challenge myself with classes that are two years ahead on my time. The motto for this curriculum is "college and career ready". It is a challenge but the students here can easily get through college because they have already been exposed to it. Another thing that I love about CHS is that they are greatly involved with their students. Whether it's in the classroom or extra activities the teachers and staff make it their mission to be involved with the students in my school. You will not experience here what you will see at other high schools. We are different, however, we are different in our on way.
Bullying is prohibited at Corinth. When it comes to safety and health, they make sure go over emergency drills, and they provide us healthy lunches.
Corinth High School is really good when it comes to extracurricular activities, such as clubs, which we have over 15 of, sports, and performing arts.
Corinth School District is probably the best school system in the state. I am not just saying this because I attend here, but I moved from another school where education was not the main priority. Since my old school did not put education first, moving to Corinth was a little bit of a shock. I had to change my study habits and learn to take a lot of notes, but if anyone ever asked me if I would move back, the answer would be no. Although I dreaded moving to a new school and did not agree with my mother, it was the best change that could have happened. Corinth has opened new doors for me that, more than likely, would have been opened if I was still at my old 1A school.
At Corinth High School, we are on a Cambridge University curriculum, so the teachers have to spend more time grading than most teachers. Coming from another school, which was in the county, I realize it more than others how truly blessed Corinth students are. The teachers care about every single student here, in and out of the classroom walls. I have had better educational opportunities since moving here my Sophomore year. Last school year, as a Junior in high school, I took Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 as a dual credit course through Northeast. This school year, I am taking another dual credit course: College Algebra. I feel like I have been more prepared for college by attending Corinth School District for the past three years, as opposed to staying in a county school, where budget is cut low. When I came to Corinth, we received Apple MacBook Air laptops to complete our Cambridge coursework. Since colleges use laptops to submit work, this helps us students get an idea of how we will turn in papers in college.
This school does not offer many extracurricular opportunities, and the ones that are offered are pretty much a joke. A club might meet once a year, and teaches are barely involved. This school is focused solely on the education of the students and not extracurricular activities.
I would rate my experience at this school great if it were not for a few factors. While the teachers are very well-educated, my school has a rigorous curriculum known as Cambridge. This curriculum is much harder than Common Core, and I often get very stressed out over the work and my grades. This school is unique in that it is the only school in Mississippi to have the Cambridge curriculum. I would still choose to attend this school because I feel like the difficulty of the work has helped prepare me for college.
Corinth High School has exceptionally great teachers for the most part. Most of them truly care about the information that they are teaching us which helps them to more thoroughly explain and teach to us. They are very high quality and are very knowledgeable. However, many of the teachers wait until the last minute to put grades into Active Student. This makes it difficult for students to monitor their grades. Despite this, the teachers are still very high quality and excel at their jobs.
Great preparation for the ACT. Principal took ACT 30 and above students to IVY league workshop out of state. There's a club for 30 and above.
Everything can be seen on security cameras.
Parents are very supportive here. They are always donating things to less fortunate people.
The teachers and administration are great at this school. They all push you hard to succeed.
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This school does not provide a nurse. There are no serious safety policies, no random checks. Most students know not to bring any thing of that nature unto the campus. There's rarely ever a huge problem with this situation. However, there is no tolerance for weapons or violence. There are procedures to fires and natural disasters that the school familiarized with the students.
Most of the teachers are very caring and do whatever it takes for their students to thrive. However, this is certainly not the case for them all. Some teachers and the principal can be rude at times.
This school does have lots of options for people for choose from, but if a student does not want to be in a class, they should not have to stay in that class. Especially if one is in an elective class and wants out, the office should not be allowed to tell them they are not allowed to get out of the class once asked, and having a parents signature saying their child can be out of the class.
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