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Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy Reviews

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I really like it here it is an awesome school, the teachers are so supportive and the students get along well. I didn’t know what it was going to be like going to an all girls school, but I really wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.. This experience is one I will not ever forget, It’s like you have a lot of sisters and aunts. I just wanna say I really love Coretta or should I say cskywla . The school is 6 thru 12th grade so you really have an opportunity to grow without moving from school to school the teachers really get to know you and help you get where you want to be in life.
CSKYWLA is a dynamic learning institution that allows for students to receive immense support and assistance regarding their post- secondary decisions. There are a plethora of sports, clubs and student organizations that further enhance students' experience.
It’s an average high school, kind of like a high school in a movie drama. Nothing gets solved, this school is based in a lot of sexist behavior towards the girls since it’s an one gender school
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This school is amazing very hands on. They take the time to help you understand, they explain it every possible way until you understands. The teachers will work with you and extend deadlines. The counselors are on top of it with scheduling college visits and having college fairs. The sports teams are excellent.
There are just some things that need to change but overall good school once you get past the administration.
I’ve been attending this Academy since sixth grade. My experience has been great. The teachers not only teach but also they let us in on some life lessons that could benefit us throughout life. This school makes sure that every girl has a dream with her name on it, literally. The school is full of pride, respect, and most important the importance of our future.
I love going to Coretta the only bad thing about Coretta is the food other than that it is very fun. Everyone who goes has lots of school spirit we have lots of fun.
My experience at CSK has been wonderful. My school gives you an opportunity to try new things you thought you wouldve before.
This is the most amazing school ever. I would recommend all parents and guardians to register their children into this academy. The faculty is so nice and sweet and everyone is an helping hand. the academics level has improved tremendously since it opened. A lot of parents volunteer to help out when help is needed. Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy prepares all of its student for college and whatever they plan to pursue.
My experience at Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy has been overall an okay experience. I have been exposed to countless opportunities as far as scholarships and college readiness. I have gained many life-long friends who I plan to stay in contact with throughout our journey. I would like to see a change in the school spirit and the diversity. I feel like we should have more events to celebrate the students and the hard work they have put forth. Overall I enjoyed my experience at the school.
I believe my school has boundless potential, and an incredible staff to support it, but the heedless mentality held by the students has hindered that potential from blossoming in the magnitude it could.
Hi, my name is Shatoria Rivers. Here at Coretta Scott King YWLA I’ve had a wonderful experience. I love all the teachers, they are very smart and nice to the students. Coretta Scott King YWLA offers lots of opportunities from volunteering, community service, to dual enrollment. They help us seniors with college applications and obtaining scholarships. Something I would like to see change is the food selection. We eat the same things over and over again. The variety of food doesn’t change, it stays the same.
This school has to be one of the WORSE school ever in Atlanta.. Let's start off with the principal.. Mr Woods that creepy perverted ma.. I wouldn't trust my daughter around him as far as I can see him. They only have a few good teachers. And really if you aren't the first graduating class you not getting the same benefits. It's so ratchet the fast as girls always fighting. Let me tell you the nse and the look isn't nothing. Remember it's still a public school in the hood.. So I'm going to let you take it from there
So far as a NICHE user, I have really enjoyed my experience. I never thought it would be so easy and simple to find scholarship applications. NICHE has really helped me. If I was given the choice to change anything, I wouldn't.
Though we are a small school everyone that does participate in sports are very dedicated which makes our sports excel greatly
The participation of parents at our school is outstanding. They not only guide us but they fun raise for college visits and also br No great mentors in.
The teachers at my school Coretta Scott King High School are very dependable, knowledgeable, and caring. All of our teachers not only make sure you can excel in all subjects, they make sure they are there every step of the way to guide you and motivate you.
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My experience at this school has been good. Much like many school ours isnt perfect ,but the administrators do their best to ensure we have a solid foundation for college.
The teachers at my school are the best. They help you really understand the information being taught.
As the student- assistant for the After School All Stars program, I have the credibility to say that many classes are available. The program opens up to a dance team, nutrition class, kickball team, girls on the run, girl scouts, mentors, step team, arts and crafts class, tutorial session, fitness session, and so much more.
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