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Core Butte Charter School Reviews

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I love going to CORE Butte Charter School. The teachers are very kind and interested in your future. The personalized learning is amazing and really is custom for each student. I am currently enrolled in Butte College and Chico State this semester on top of CORE and loving it. A great way to get ahead if that is what you are looking for. If you aren't looking to get ahead it is still a great experience overall.
The teachers here are amazing. All friendly and willing to help every student with what they can. Many oportunites to move forward in your education.
I've been at CORE for all of high school, and junior high. The teachers are incredible and are always willing to work with you. The atmosphere is, and has been, very welcoming. I have taken many classes since freshman year, and every teacher was wonderful. I thrived in this setting, and would not change it for the world. Overall, I have loved these past few years and feel ready for college!
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CORE Butte Charter school has given me many oppurtunites that I would never have had the chance to have at another school. The teachers and staff work very closely with each student, so you definitely have a personalized experience that is different for each person. CORE includes your parents as well, which really helps having that extra involvement and support when leaving school. CORE has specialized clubs and programs to further develop your interests and career goals, which has incredibly helped me on my journey in the medical field. They find what works for you, and make sure it can happen. This school has been wonderful for me, and I would reccommend it to anyone.
I liked some of the teachers. What I didn't like is how hard some of the classes were like physics and calculus because we had quizzes like every week!
Great teachers and when you need help you get it!
I like the curriculum that they have for each student.
I loved the opportunity CORE provided me with. It gave me a lot of free time to work with my animals, but still provided me with an amazing education. I was able to take Butte College classes starting my junior year. I would recommend it to anyone who is good at self management.
Core Butte is an amazing school that allows students to take classes in and outside of the school center. This system gives students the opportunity of a more individual, one on one educational experience as teachers are always at the ready to help and guide. These teachers and staff truly care about our educational well being and strive above and beyond to get us where we need to be. That is nothing like the more popular schools and I am so very thankful for that. We are still a smaller based school and may not always have the glorious funds like the big schools do but we are working on it slowly but surely and still come up on top in scores and testing. I was able to even test into high school early while going through Core and that was an amazing feat for me to accomplish. It set me in a great direction academically and I feel I am well prepared to face the college world.
CORE has amazing teachers! They all care immensely for their students, both academically and personally. Throughout your high school career, you work closely with each of your teachers, and it's easy to feel comfortable asking for any help. CORE gives you the chance to experience a truly unique way of learning, as well as gives you the ability to take college courses.
I was able to work on my high school by taking college classes and getting credit in both high school and college. I was able to get one on one time with teachers and could get help with anything school related. It was possible to succeed as long as you did your work and stayed motivated.
I felt extremely prepared for college because I was able to begin taking college courses starting in 9th grade, and did so until graduation. I was able to get the hang of college before even becoming a real college student. I learned more than I would have in public school. I was able to finish classes for high school and college at the same time which was much more time effective. I was able to figure out what career I wanted before graduation and I am still working on the schooling for that. I felt pretty ready for the real world.
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