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My experience in Cordova high school was good I don't really know what I expected, but I hoped it would be better. I guess movies made me feel like it was going to be the best thing in the world. Overall I did enjoy going there I loved how diverse it was and how everyone knew each other even though the school was pretty big we had each others back always looking out for each other. including all staff that worked at the school, they all seemed to really involved with the students not just a certain group but all of them. I enjoyed seeing the campus really clean and seeing the geese in the morning and the squirrels climbing the trees.
Everything has been great most people are nice and its easy to make friends, the teachers and students will help you do your best as long as you ask and they give you time to finish work.
I feel that I have personally grown so much throughout the years. Beginning off with Freshman year, scary things were changing; friends, teachers, and the environment. However, at Cordova, Link Crew helped me understand what high school is like. I felt motivated to join student government and track. I got to know more about my school as I took the time to grow. In sophomore year, I got out of my comfort zone to try more clubs so I joined Interact and CSF. I felt more comfortable meeting new people and speaking to an audience. In Junior year, I was inspired by my Freshman Link Crew to join because I wanted to help kids realize what high school would be like. The IB program at Cordova has developed my skills in terms of management, essays, and other works to help me feel confident when I am applying to colleges. Overall, I have gained confidence to join more sports like Cross Country and Cheerleading. I'm glad to say I got to be apart of a great change for the school and the students.
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Inspiring staff and great atmosphere! Loved the music program and sports. I always felt comfortable going to school everyday. It was never hostile.
My experience at Cordova High School was that most teachers showed how they cared about teaching and every teacher was different and unique in their ways of teaching. I had a different experience every class. Most classrooms were controlled, so learning would be on the table. Some teachers took extra time before, during lunch or after school to care for students needs and give attention. What could be improved is including outcasts and bringing more of a community based aspect with not letting kids fall through the cracks whether it be education, social dynamics, or involvement in extra curricular activities.

Thank you for reading and hope this helps.
After spending four years here, I have good insight of the school. The teachers and staff at Cordova are what stood out to me. The teachers genuinely care about their students and are willing to offer additional support before or after school if you're struggling. The administration and staff are also extremely friendly. Over the last several years new additions such as the PAC (Performing Arts Center) and new auxiliary gym. The school constantly progressing and making improves. However, for students looking to pursue more advanced classes options are limited to IB classes. On the plus side, the campus has many different cultural-, academic- and athletics-focused clubs
I love how diverse Cordova High School is. The teachers I have interacted with are very personable and care about the students as individuals.
Cordova High School is very diverse and creates a family friendly environment for everyone. Although many people may not look at it as a great school because of its past, it's really becoming a great school. Cordova High is one of the few schools that offer the IB program, in which brings in many intelligent individuals to our school. This past year our school had one of the highest UC admission rates in the Sacramento region.
Cordova is a good school to go to. It is very diverse and the teachers are truly there to help you learn and grow. They are also active in the community and try to grow the community as well.
It's a great school and has a lot of diversity. The only thing it needs is a little more funding for translators and school supplies.
There’s only a certain amount of time where they would help and give you the resources you need if you’re planning on going to college. Their recruitment for the military is very good.
I attended Cordova High School as a freshmen through senior year. High school was such a great experience for me because I went to Cordova. From the teachers, to the administration, to the students, they all made my high school experience the best. Teachers are so dedicated at Cordova, and they really do their job as a passion. They show great care to all their students and make sure they are given all the help and resources to pass. . Moreover, the students are filled with great energy in their academics, rallies, student government and in their clubs. Let me tell you that Cordova students go all out with their creativities in sports, rallies and clubs!

One thing that I would like to see change in Cordova is, that teachers prepare their senior students for next step which is college. Yes, they do an amazing job at teaching students the senior level writing requirements for high school, but they should also elaborate on making sure they are ready for college writing as well!
Cordova High School is extremely diverse and welcoming. Especially when compared to other high schools in the area, it is very non-discriminatory and most, if not all, of the students are very accepting of different cultures, races, and identities. Lunch time activities as well as food days are always fun. The IB program is a great path to take of you want more of a challenge, but maybe only take a few classes. Speaking of which, I would not recommend full DP, as the students in that program are constantly burnt out, and, for the lack of a better phrase, always on the verge of a breakdown. All in all, I've been pleased with my experience at Cordova, and everyone I know has met their lifelong friends there.
Cordova High School helped me out in so many ways, the staff and people here are really friendly and they will try to help you in everything. They offer a lot of tutoring for those that struggle in any kind of subject, I take advantage of the math tutoring that they offer, which has helped me a lot. One day, I would like to see Cordova High School as a well known school throughout the whole nation and for their success to keep on striving.
With the introduction of IB everything's been slightly messy and I don't even know if that program is worth it. The grading scale was weird by as long as you tried I feel like you could have passed. The teachers are still adapting so they may do things differently but overall my relationships with the teachers I had is something I cherish.
Cordova H.S. is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. I was able to graduate with a full IB diploma and received college unit credit for several courses which saved money and time. The IB program really prepared me for college - my UC classes seem easier than the IB classes in high school. The teachers and counselors were very supportive and helped me every step of the way to prepare me for college and life!
I think that the school district is a very safe space for kids to grow up and become productive members of society and think the the teaching is some of the best in the country.
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The school's fine. There's a lot of good teachers who seem to care. School wastes money on unimportant things though and isn't the best organized at times. Could really use some changes to the lunch menu.
I had a great experience at Cordova High School! I met a lot of great lifetime friends and my girlfriend of 5 years and still going strong. Rancho Cordova is a small town and growing. As the town grows, the school grows with opportunity to be great and fulfilling to students who are looking for somewhere to fit in. Cordova High School is a very diverse school and filled with many different cultures and personalities. It introduced me to many types of nationalities and I'm very grateful for the opportunity that I had to attend Cordova high school.
I liked that it provided the opportunity to complete the international baccalaureate curriculum. This provided a rigorous and challenging academic environment in which I have been forced to grow and become better
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