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The entire fine arts hall is underfunded and it's hard for us as students to raise money to do things. I am not fond of all the rules, especially on dress code and the lack of leniency on certain tardy policies. Just today I saw a guy walking around the halls throughout the day with his shirt completely un buttoned and his chest bare. However if a girl wears a tank top, she can get written up for indecency. A boy's bare chest is decent for school but a girl's shoulders are not? And the lack of leniency on certain things for tardiness/absences to school on what is or is not excused. If someone's car breaks down, that should be excused. If someone is sick, that should be excused without a doctor's note because some 9 times out of 10, a doctor is not needed and over the counter medications will do. Traffic, storms, power outages, family troubles. With a signed note from a parent, these things should be excused.
I wish the teachers made more of an effort to engage students in academic coursework. Also, as a student I experienced many instances of bullying from fellow students where nothing was done by administration.
I like Cordova High because many tachers really try to help us graduate and some of them are fun to talk to. Also, Cordova High staff makes sure that you have the classes you need to be in in order to graduate. There are funny and nice students too. However, I would like for the school to be more strict on the dress code policy.
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It was decent the hallways were a very crowded need to build more space or don't enroll so many students. Because we need to get to class in a certain time frame and if we don't it's a write up. The pep rallys were very unorganized basically all of the events. Administration doesn't seem to like kids they are always seem mad for some reason. But beside that people I hung around made it good experience.
One thing that I liked about Cordova High School is there bamd and how we make our crowd during a football game feel excited. One thing that Cordova could improve on is having more classes. Another aspect is to make the food there more enjoyable and make activities such as sports more visible to students.
Cordova was a very interesting experience. The academics are fairly easy but it was very easy to fall off so it was important to stay on track. Sports and other activities were great. I recommend it.
My experience at Cordova was great because of my friends and teachers. However, at Cordova, there were so many fights and occurrences that shouldn’t be in a educational facility. Things that need to change is the students, some internal improvements, and the system itself
Cordova High School seemed as though it was still suffering from the fallout of the past. Underfunded and a lack of leadership many students could not respect the school. With more funding and more leadership, it has plenty of potential.
Cordova is a decent school that has plenty of potential. It's a school that grows each year in numbers and in heart. Like every school, it's not perfect but it has character that cannot be ignored. Every once in awhile there is a teacher that cares. There is a member of faculty that truly helps. And most of them are eager to talk to you-make a connection. That's not always bad but for those that they don't necessarily connect with, they don't really prioritize. Aspects of the school are excellent- every branch of there fine arts department for example and their football team is making waves ou n the community, but others- such as a true grip on core education- seem to lost. And they excelled in attempting to get better.
Right now I am currently attending Cordova High School in Shelby County School district and it is amazing. Each morning not only do I thank God for waking me up, I also thank him for giving me the opportunity to attend school which many kids around the world don’t have that opportunity. Cordova High School is a excellent school in every category. It’s very much diverse, the sports are amazing and we have an amazing staff members who make sure each and every student is ready for the future. If it wasn’t for my teachers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. When I don’t understand a lesson, my teacher makes sure I understand even if it requires me to stay after school so he or she can work with me one on one. The administrators also try their best each day to get ya ready for the real world.
I like the classes that are offered and all the different electives you can choose from. The only thing I would change is the low level of diversity.
Cordova High School felt like a second home to me. Although there were aspects that could be improved, mainly the overcrowding and most of the student's maturity levels, overall, Cordova was a great environment where I felt safe and I feel that my younger sibling, who attends now, is comfortable in his friend group.
The schoool is very diverse and kinda over crowded, but it offers great course like College level class. Aslo have best choir and music course and multiple clubs that you can join to become more involved in your school.
Cordova High School
is a decent school. It’s not great but definitely not bad either. I had fun there with my friends. I was in Honors classes and the people in those classes were nice and smart. There definitely is a lot of diversity. If you have the right friends, then it’s a great school.
I like the diversity of Cordova High. We all come together and there is no student left behind. The school offers great extracurricular activities and the counselors really care about the students and their advancement in life.
What I like most about Cordova High School is the communities within it. As a whole, the students are introduced with the idea that we are all part of a big family known as the Wolf pack since our school mascot is a wolf. As students continue through their high school careers, they find their own niches within the wolf pack; whether it is through a sport, club, class, or organization.
My Experience So Far From Cordova Has Been Good . Some Bad Day Some Good . But Dont Give Up , There Can Always Be A Change ! What I Would Like To See Change Is Teachers More Involved In Trying To Help The Students Get Ready For Outside World , & College !
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I like the variety of clubs. The college and career ready counselor gets the job done. The days for homecoming week were awesome. I wish there were more elective focus classes.
Cordova High School has the best choir worldwide and I am a part of it! Mr. Maclin is an excellent choir teacher and he is able to get the very best out of students who do not know their full potential. I have been in the choir since 10th grade and the choir room is the place to be! Everyone congregates their to sing before school, during lunch, and even after school.
Cordova has a large population, very nice students and staff, and much to offer. Overall my review on the school is that its alright
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