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Cordova High School has a wonderful group of teachers and staff who are very supportive and are eager to help students in any way possible. One thing I would change about Cordova High School is the foreign language department. The foreign languages are offered in an online program, which makes it difficult to really learn and understand a foreign language. I want a teacher to teach the foreign languages in person so if a student needs help, they can get help immediately, and not have to search the internet, or send an email.
I loved everything about Cordova High School, the academics was great and so was the athletics. Teachers were amazing and treated the kids so well. The faculty and staff are also amazing with the job they do every day.
My experience at Cordova High School from grades 9-12 have been excellent. All of the faculty and staff along with the students are great. I have gotten along with everyone there at the school and have made a lot of new friends over the years that I have been at Cordova High School. The teachers teach to what all the students can understand. You have the basic classes and then you have Pre-AP and AP classes, but the teachers do an outstanding job at teaching in a way that all the students can learn and understand from.
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It was okay I guess. There were really good teachers and really bad ones. It was all about sports. The school was pretty and people were nice enough
I would like the school to use actual books in math classes and for the teachers to help more. This scho ok is very focused on sports.
Cordova High School is a wonderful place to experience your four years of high school. From sports, to academics, to the wonderful and dedicated teachers. Our school is the heartbeat of our town. Cordova is a close knit community and school. Everyone is so close and loving. Even on April 27th, 2011 when the two tornados demolished our city, our teachers and community stepped up and started gathering items like food and clothing in our gym. People were line up all around the school grilling food for the victims. Our school became the focal point of the recovery. Still to this day, people from all over our town from babies to elderly people gather under those stadium lights on Friday nights to cheer our Varsity football boys on. Our school is a warm and inviting to place. No matter what comes our way in our small town. Our hearts beat for the Blue Devils.
I would personally consider my experience with Cordova as an average one. Cordova has an excellent athletic program and does well in bringing together the community; however it isn't as fun for academically inclined students such as myself. The academics are only about average, with only three tracts of study and overworked teachers, the academic program is made more impressive by the students who attend Cordova than the programs provided. At Cordova, the arts are almost entirely neglected. The theater department is non-existent, the only Visual Arts class consists only of elementary worksheets, and the Journalism class is not at all supported by the school's administration.
However, the school has heart and the administration is working ever vigilantly to improve the school for all the students who attend.
The culture at Cordova High School is great! The faculty and staff care about the students and there is a message of hope for a brighter future for all students. More students from Cordova are now attending college and fewer are taking remedial courses.
My experience has been rememberable for me at Cordova High. There has been ups and downs at Cordova but i get through. I love the programs we have at Cordova and how much our principle cares for us. The one thing I would love to see change is speacil treatment. Someone where's legging every day without an injury and one of my band friends gets called to the office and gets in trouble for wearing legging. Why didn't the other girl get in trouble. But overall Cordova has made my senior year the best one yet!
What I like about Cordova high school is how we are all family and how close we all are. I have went to Cordova my whole life and really don't see a whole lot that needs changing, but if I had to pick it would be a bigger school and less students in a class.
When I was first deciding on which high school I wanted to go to, Cordova was not my first choice. After committing to going there for my freshman year, I realized that Cordova was where I belonged. One of the main things I love about Cordova is the tradition there. The way the school is all about keeping the tradition of so many past years. The way we support every sport in every possible way. The way we push academics and college readiness. The teachers at Cordova love to teach and will do anything possible to help a student like myself to be successful and to be ready for college. I can say that I'm very proud to call myself a Cordova blue devil!
I have never had any problems with anyone at this school. The counselor is extremely helpful and the principal is always very welcoming.
The school is a safe place to learn. I do not have to worry about anything while I learn in class.
There are many extracurricular classes with amazing teachers to teach the students.
The parents are way into football then the actual learning of the school. Students are not as expected to be successful then the football players.
The teachers are nice and caring for the students could work on control on class. Needs to bring more technology into the classrooms.
They are alright could be better
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We have one of the cleanest schools around our area. Us students, teachers, and our janitorial staff make sure it stays as good as new. The classrooms, the hallways, the gymnasium, and cafeteria are all kept clean. There are no major safety issues at Cordova. If there was ever an injury we do have a school nurse who would be glad to help. Intruder safety is just a wild card. I cant say if anything like that will ever happen or not. Me knowing the town of Cordova very well i could say that no one locally would do such a thing. But if something was to ever come into the school intending harm i do believe we could all stay safe. We rehearse safety drills for fire, tornado, earthquake, and intruder alerts regularly so we all know how to handle it. I personally think Cordova is a good school. When i am older, if i still live in the Walker County area, i will gladly let my children attend the Cordova Schools.
Cordova High School is known around Walker County as the busy body school. We have clubs here, there, and everywhere. We have a glee club, beta club, National Honor Society, FFA, FCA, FBLA, Chess Club, Variety of sports teams, and a club/organization I myself started called LOAC (Love One Another Campaign).The dream is to make the world better for people and the Earth itself. We help with Anti-Bullying efforts around the school and complete missions. We offer music electives such as band and music appreciation. The teachers and parents are all very involved in sponsoring clubs and making new clubs available to everyone.
I'm at my current high school, Cordova High, because the high school i planned to attend, Parrish High School, was closed do to low funding and low enrollment. High school is already rough but coming from a rival school into this one was thought to be the roughest thing possible. To my surprise it was actually the complete opposite. The faculty and staff and students were all very welcoming to all of the kids coming from Parrish. We are one of the first schools in our district to offer Pre-Ap and AP classes, which i take full advantage of. The students here all pretty much know each other or at least acquainted with one another so it is like we are a big Cordova Blue Devil Family. I participate in the marching band so technically that puts me in the amazing athletic program. We are recognized across the state of Alabama for sports including football, softball, volleyball, baseball,golf, and definitely basketball. We also have an amazing academic program. Our scholars bowl team won several tournaments including two small school state championships last year and placed second in nationals. I was proud to be apart of that team. If i had the chance to go back and still attend this school i would attend with a smile on my face. I think graduates from Cordova as well as other schools would say the same thing.
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