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I liked the size of the school the most. What I wish would change would be the organizing of further educational help.
I have been going to Cordell School since Pre-K, so it's hard to determine if this school is better than others or not. My personal opinion of Cordell High School is a very organized school. Students aren't allowed to have their phones, so students can focus more on their school work. Also, our sport teams are one of the best against schools in both 3A and 2A. Even the band program are State Champs. Students are involved in many different kinds of extracurricular activities and allows students to express themselves.
I liked Cordell High School because they have great faculty members. I was involved in the band and I loved it. They provide you with so many opportunities to get involved. The people are also very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my four years at Cordell High School and would do it all over again given the chance.
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It is a small town school. The teachers care about your future and are willing to help you reach your goals.
You get ease by peer pressure easier than before.
Students cannot have any kind of holes in their jeans, but can wear shorts that show all their legs.
Students are very restricted. No unnatural hair color, no tank tops, no piercings, no holes in the jeans, no shorts above the knee, no pajamas, no house shoes, no cell phones or any other technology that isn't provided and many more things. The student advisers concentrate on the things we can't do instead of the things we can.
This town is the number one sport center. Everybody plays sports if you don't its harder to be on top. We recently received track, cross country, and golf for extra curricular. It is very entertaining to watch and play all these sports that we have. We are very competitive and ready to win.
There is many classes. From beginners art to trigonometry. The teachers are challenging but easy to get along with. The work is sometimes difficult and overwhelming but there is always someone to help you. It's a breeze once you get past the first class.
We have many teachers with wonderful perspectives on life. They never fail to help us everyday. They always give us opinions with no exaggeration. The teachers always make sure we are satisfied and have learned to our own extent.
The doors are always locked and teachers always make sure no threats will happen. They always make sure everybody knows what to do in case of an emergency. We practice these cases Ten times in a school year.
The school building is updated at the end of every school year. The teachers are very willing to help the students. We have computers for every students to have individually. Things run pretty smooth during the school year.
The baseball field is amazing. The coaches always make sure it looks spotless and flawless. The gym and weight rooms are always kept to their best. Everything else is pretty average besides the football field, which is always the towns "stadium". For every football game the whole town is gathered around waiting to win the game.
Cafeteria food is definitely not the best appetizer. Although I leave campus for lunch I remember that the food in the cafeteria isn't as bad as what you would think. The lunch ladies care very much about how their children eat and they do their very best to make us happy. I could eat in the cafeteria and be completely satisfied.
I enjoy my school. There is many activities to participate in. The people are friendly and accepting. The teachers are outstanding and the environment is comforting. I have many memories with the students and faculty. Living in a small town is hard for some people, but I will never forget my childhood that I've had here. There are many opportunities that will come my way because of this town and how hard I have worked through all the obstacles that I have overcome. I would definitely go to this school again.
Our activities are quite amazing! Even though only those certain kids are the same ones who start every year. Even if they aren't good enough for it.
Cordell is a good school
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Cordell is not an accepting school when it comes to different races. I am one of very few Hispanics to attend Cordell high. Even though I have many friends I feel as if some teachers and students still don't like me kr want to get to know me just because of my race
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