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Corcoran High School is a nice school where you're greeted with many teachers and students. The high school makes students focus on what they are supposed to work on. Our teachers help us with any kind of problem with our work in school. Sports in our school are also an amazing experience and gives a healthy outlook. Students also have the opportunity to be involved with clubs such as CSF, MECHA, etc.
Overall it does offer some good opportunities but many are unaware. I highly recommend taking college classes, joining clubs, joining sports, doing community service, and studying for tests like ACT and SAT. Do your all these things to the best of your ability and you'll be good for college.
The only reason they earned the second star is because of co-curricular activities. Between sports, AFJROTC, and FFA, students are very involved in their community. However, the academic environment at CHS is appalling. Every year they cancel AP classes, and there is a startling lack of options. I was ranked at the top of my class, and despite signing up for as many AP and Honors classes as I was allowed, I never felt that it was a challenging learning environment. I was terribly underprepared for pursuing a higher education, because the entire class was held back to the work ethic of the slowest student. The people are amazing, but the education is nonexistent.
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This school is great. They focus on the students to make sure they are college ready. The school let's us students go off-campus to eat for lunch. The one thing I would like for them to change is the very strict dresscode.
My experience in Corcoran High was filled with many bumps, but I am happy I went to this school. The teachers really helped me with not only academics but with life. I enjoyed playing sports for this school as well. Their sport programs are great and make sure all of us are involved. One thing I would like for Corcoran High School to change, is adding a psychologist on campus. If I had a psychologist on campus, it would have been easier for me to have a better mental state than I did. Overall this school was a great experience and I recommend other students to attend.
They don't really give you great opportunities to learn about what the future is going to for you. They don't prepare you as good and try to diminish a lot of creativity and school spirit. The counselors here don't do their job and prepare you for what's to come
What I most like about my school are all of the people I meet but I am pretty sure it is like that for every other school. I must admit that many of the new teachers being hired are not good enough at teaching.
Corcoran high school was only made a good experience for me thanks to peers and willing to help staff, the overall curriculum could use work and more classes could be offered without blindsiding students and taking away classes that can prepare them for their futures that they were expecting to take. Too much change is not always good.
Best parts about Corcoran High School would definitely be the sports programs and extracurriculars. The school doesn't exactly have much going for it in terms of academics or in anything else due to poor student life and questionable admin. The students for the most part care for their experience and for those around them and have made plenty of attempts to try and improve our school's situation but each attempt was ultimately shut down.
Corcoran High School has of course been a large stepping stone in my life. I've learned a lot over the years and being able to have a plentiful social life is different for me since I was never a very social person. This place has made me change over the years. I've become more sympathetic and at the same time, more forward. I've rated this school as average because it's not exceeding at anything in particular. I just know that without it I wouldn't be who I am today. Many people are always saying they are ready to leave high school, and their high school experience was terrible, but terrible or not this is preparing you for many opportunities soon to come.
Corcoran is a good high school with many good teachers and staff around always trying to help. The school is a very good place that students can get their education and also have a good high school experience.
Corcoran High has great technology to further your education. They provide you with apple laptops to help with your studies.
Corcoran High School is the school that I will be graduating from this coming semester. Overall, just as an average student, I have struggled from time to time. However, I never gave up. If I needed extra help, I would make sure it was taken care of. There are some teachers who make sure their students received the best support in their academics. These are the teachers who literally make the school go round. I'm glad I had the teachers and courses that I had, as they made me who I am today academically. Being a 4.0 student all four years is about to significantly pay off.
My experience here in Corcoran High School has been very good and I am so surprised that I only have one more year here. The school campus is pretty small but we have a lot going on. We have a football stadium, tennis courts, and we also have a nice auditorium. The school spirit is not very high but it is a good amount.
This is my senior year, and the last three years have been in interesting learning experience . My experience here so far has been good to me.
It's a good school, we use devices such as Apple Mac book Air Laptops that we take home to get our work done. It's a very efficient way to learn to use technology. I an glad I came to CHS because I don't think any other high school would have taught me how to use technology like this. I do admit sometimes I do get tired of it and the school does charge you if you break your laptop or router etc.. overall it's a 3 star.
This school scores low in all areas but resources, sports and safety. They provide take home technology which provides great resources, they are a very sports driven school and offer little other in activities. since the school is structured like a prion it's pretty safe. The majority of teachers and administration have a cliquish mentality and have even heard talking bad about students to other students. What I needed to get into college I did on my own and I am scared for my first year there because they did not prepare me at all, I will most definitely be hiring a tutor.
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It's a great school but I feel as if they take away our fun and some of the teachers are quite difficult
Corcoran High School is a good school for what it is. Corcoran is a small town where many do not set their goals very high. However, those that do dream big often do succeed. For a small school in a small town, it is a good place to learn.
Corcoran High School is like any other high school. There is nothing really special to it. We have clubs and sports like many other schools. I would like to see a change with getting more student involvement. We all know each other because we all grew up together from grade k. So we should all get involved more and maybe CHS will become fun. We are all in high school once, so we should enjoy it.
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