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Coram Deo Academy of Collin County Reviews

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CDA is a university model school that I feel has certainly equipped me for college. Although there may not be large sports or extracurricular programs within the school, the programs CDA does have, has shown my peers and I what it means to use our God-given talents for His glory. I have grown up with this school and over time have learned to appreciate the teachers who truly care about my classmates and I, the administration who takes time out of the day to interact with students and the parent-teacher cooperation, which allowed my mom to have an active part in my education.
Good school and strong academics! This university model works well for self motivating students but for not so driven students, parents required more hands on. Parents are involved and helps provide a nurturing environment for students and staff. Good opportunities to be involved with sports starting in fourth grade.
We have had an excellent first year at Coram Deo after transferring from another large, Christian school. The curriculum and teachers are exceptional. The school is well-organized and extremely well-run. Administration is helpful and truly demonstrates a Christ-like attitude. We highly recommend Coram Deo!
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Coram Deo Academy is a blessing to our family. The teachers and staff are so loving to our children and the school as a whole is very down to earth and family oriented. It is a warm and inviting culture. Wonderful Christian education - challenging yet attainable with hard work.
Coram Deo Academy in Collin County offers two things: a great Christian education and a wonderful community environment. Personally speaking, every other school I have attended has had rather mean kids, however, this school defies the norm. The community is really there within CDA and paired with the excellent education, I feel more than prepared for college and life beyond high school.
My kids have been attending the school for the past 10 years. Their motto is to raise servant leaders. This starts from the administration and goes all the way down to each child. I have often seen the headmaster of the grammar school mopping up the gym floor after lunch. The classical academic curriculum is stellar And my kids truly have a passion for learning because of their education.
Great experience for anyone looking for a rigorous and controlled environment to educate their kids.
Excellent teachers. Christ lead education. Respect for teachers and parents is unsurpassed. Eveeyone works to educate your child in mind and spirit. Athletics and electives are encouraged for an additional sense of belongingness and confidence.
This school has brought us closer as a family! I know our kids so well - the good and the bad. I can use that insight to help them learn how to be better adults and play to their strengths. The one thing we would change is the policy that a teacher can't tutor a student. It makes it SO difficult to find an outside tutor that can follow the CDA way.
Our first year at Coram Deo was a year of discovery and tremendous growth, not just for our daughter but also for myself! The collaborative nature of the pedagogy at CDA makes lifelong learning a daily reality, and creates bonds between parent and child that are intellectual as well as emotional. CDA truly exceeded our (high) hopes!
This is an excellent school with rigorous academics. As a parent of a middle schooler, I feel the school is doing a wonderful job preparing students for college. Coram Deo offers an ideal blend of traditional classroom and independent learning. We have loved it here so far.
Overall, I have greatly enjoyed my time at Coram Deo Academy. Its rigorous academic curriculum has successfully prepared me for college. It is an excellent learning environment with intelligent and driven teachers and students. There are many leadership opportunities, sports, and fine arts available. However, I would like to see one change. There is not form of a counseling service, so if possible, it would be a great program to incorporate on both campuses of Coram Deo Academy.
Great school with a warm, friendly campus, rigorous academics, and a truly Christian environment! My high school student enjoys the high school experience at CDA, the challenging academics, and extracurricular opportunities. The small class sizes and committed teachers provide a great environment for dialogue and active learning.
The school does a great job to promote and maintain a healthy and safe environment.
We have been thrilled with the extra-curricular opportunities at the school.
We have been thrilled with our experience at CDA. It isn't perfect by any means, but the opportunities to succeed and stretch and grow are incredible. The partnership between the school, the parents, and the community in raising adults to shape the world is simply amazing.
The teachers truly care about the students and see themselves as collaborators with the parents in raising our children.
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This school is the perfect fit for our family. A great blend of classroom and homeschool days. My children have learned a tremendous amount, not limited to only academics but also time management, social graces and most importantly a christian worldview. They will be more than prepared when they leave this school to handle the workload of college, as witnessed to by previous graduates who have come back to the school to share their experience. The teachers are of the highest caliber not only professionally and academically but in integrity as well. So thankful this is an option for our family. Perfect for us.
We are blessed to have 2 children at Coram Deo Academy-Collin County. The teachers are passionate and professional; they encourage the children to not only learn facts, but understand the concept and apply the knowledge appropriately. Kids are taught to think critically here; reasoning and logic are fostered, and then the kids are taught how to express themselves intelligently. There is no class between the "classes": the HS kids are kind and encouraging to the JH kids, and they all are sweet and protective of the littler ones. There is no pressure to be wealthy or have status. The focus is on raising Godly children with a Biblical world view in a time when people are doing "what is right in their own eyes."
I wish I had changed to this school sooner. The community is fantastic. Even though the academics were harder, I got higher grades because of the positive feedback from the teachers and students.
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