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Hi, im Savannah a 11th grader. Coral springs high is a good school, the teaxhers are wonderful the staff are great. Everyone there is so helpful and willing to help see the students thrive on their path.
Is a good environment with a loving staff. as a student, I've felt welcomed throughout my experience here and have had a great experience thus far. the culinary program provides coffee in the mornings for the students that need it for just $3. there is also a multitude of clubs and after school extracurriculars and activities.
Coral Springs High is a school with personality. A school with spirit and pep. A diverse school filled with opportunities for everyone if you're willing to go out and find them. It's a good school.
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Coral Springs High School really stepped up their security. New gates and new rules have been set up to give student safety and allow them to focus on their school work and not worry about any dangers that could enter school.
I spent all four years at this school and I have yet to have a bad experience when it comes to the school itself, I can't complain. There's bad teachers and good teachers, just like at any school. Guidance is not that present and involved as they should be but the schol, overall is good.
Overall the school was great with many good teachers, they care about your education and will do anything to help.
I enjoy the various AP classes that Coral Springs High has and I also enjoy the diversity of the school. Coral Springs High provides all students exposure to different ethnic cultures through extracurricular activities and in class requirements.
The AP and Honors classes are a totally different environment. AP and honors are good programs with mostly good teachers, but the regular classes have sub-par teachers. The school is not doing much for security ever since the Stoneman Douglas shooting. The bathrooms are constantly dirty or broken, and the air conditioning breaks too often. This school is a C+ school, in a student's opinion.
The school is very old and needs to be remodeled. There are so interior flaws with the school, making it kind of run down. The teachers are pretty average and the opportunity there depends on how you take it.
I've been here since my freshman year. They offer many academic programs and most teachers do care about their students education and some are very patient.
Coral Springs High School is a very diverse school with a large population. The atmosphere is encouraging in terms of people, yet the establishment is quite old and needs remodeling. It has the most opportunities for earning college credit in all of Broward County, which is impressive.
Coral Springs High School is a very diverse community which makes it adaptable to people of all kinds. The programs that are at the school are very efficient when it comes to learning a skill and preparing students for the real world. Coral Springs High is a great school and I wouldn’t change anything about it.
This school honestly gives out a lot of resources to it's students. As a former student I know when a teacher cares or not and this school shows pride in it's students and colt pride.
When they cancel an event because there were 7 fights in one week, you know there is something wrong about this school
I had a very good experience at Coral Springs High School. It’s not easy, especially when there are a lot of students who were very disruptive in class and not there to learn. I was lucky and was able to steer clear of any problems. My first year I joined the drama club and after that, the bowling club. I surrounded myself with friends, who like myself, wanted to succeed, graduate and attend the college of our choice.
The thing I like about Coral Springs High School is the teachers and the way they prepare me for final exams. The thing that can be improved upon is the resources or learning tools provided such as textbooks and computers.
i wished we would do more as a school we would always have school events cancelled on us very last minute
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I found many of the teachers to be very nice and helpful. The teachers always gave homework on what they taught and they always make an effort to help you understand and pass their class. I do wish the guidance counselors are the same. The counselors are lazy, and take lots of time to get things done. I would normally have to bring my parent along for them to "listen" and make changes; otherwise I will not get what I need for academics.
In this high school, there's plenty of ways to get involved such as various sports and clubs. Most of the teachers in this school are live, funny, and are determined to teach their students. I have met a lot of good friends and the staff are kind. My guidance counselor helped me to apply to colleges and universities by answering my questions and writing letters of recommendation.
The teachers worked hard for us students to make sure we learn everything we need. If we need any help with anything they are always there. All of the staff, administrators, and teachers care highly for our safety as well.
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