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Coral Springs Charter has many opportunities to grow as a person socially and mentally. People are inclusive we all accept everyone no matter what. We can ask for help whenever we need it. They prepare you mentally for real life situations for basic everyday necessities like reading and writing. We could improve in the some criteria and the way it’s taught to the students. Implement new ways of teaching to this generation.
It’s been an A school for a very long time! Education and Sports are very good at this school. I’ve been going here since I was a 6th grader and I’m a senior now, I can say it’s been a really good 7 years!
I love Coral Springs Charter. It is a very safe school where the teachers care about the students and the students can go to the teachers after school if they need extra help. There are many ways for students to get involved in the school and there are many events for the students to go to and meet new people. The school feels like a big family and I will always call it my home. There is nothing I would change about it.
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Coral Springs Charter is a very small school so there are less students in each class, and it also makes relationships with teachers more personal. They have a lot of strict rules about bullying and other policies which I feel makes everyone feel safer. These rules also ensure that everyone focuses more on their education and academics. The academics at Coral Springs Charter are also extremely prestigious. They teach the AICE/Cambridge program here, which is an extremely rigorous course and that I feel helps prepare students better. Guidance and administration are also extremely helpful in any situation, assisting students with community service opportunities, college readiness, or even students who need a guidance counselor to talk too. Charter also has a wide variety of clubs and activities for students to be involved in that are very fun and good for students trying to make new friends.
Great staff, eager to help students succeed academically. The Cambridge program offered by the school provides students with an improved student record. Heavily centered around afterschool clubs, activities, and sports.
Coral Springs Charter is a great school for academic opportunities such as AICE, AP, and dual enrollment credits. I was able to get a head start on my college career by completing several transfer credits here. Also, while the school is not perfect, in comparison, it is better than most. There is little fighting, few students are expelled, and the staff is very friendly and helpful.
Coral springs Charter is an amazing school.The staff and Teachers are very helpful, reliable and puts our best interest not just in academics but as well as safety first. I love my school's open door policy and also the encouragement to us as Students to chase our dreams and be all that we can be. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school's activities and Student lives. The one thing I would change about my school is to bring in more diversity and to also provide more clubs and activities geared towards minorities.
Worst school there is, there is a lot of drug use within the middle school and high school, the food is also grade f only good thing is their chocolate milk, sometimes they even have expired milk, the teachers oh don’t get me started we don’t have a math teacher in the senior year, it’s kinda sad how they throw in non skilled college students to do the teaching, and expecting my kid to pass high school when the teachers don’t know how to teach, administration can be shady, it can work against the student or if the situation the student is going through is entertaining than yeah administration is trash, and that includes the staff, overall ABSOLUTELY grade F this school is NOT a place for your child.
What I like about Coral Springs charter school is that it is a small community that revolves around trying to help students achieve their best. What I would like to see change at this school are the school lunches which are terrible as well as the facilities which are always falling apart.
I like the availability of the teachers. I wish school hours were later. We need more space or fields for sports.
I love the school and all of the administration. Very diverse and welcoming. Definitely a bully-free zone. The only thing that i would change about Charter is that i feel like they need to invest more money into their school lunches. Charter's school lunches are heated up food that tasted processed and is probably really unhealthy for you.
Coral Springs Charter isn’t your typical high school. We are a family. You look down the hall and you personally know most of the students. You create life long bonds with your classmates, teachers, and administrators. I will forever recommend this school to everyone and anyone who asks. This school will make you feel at home. They will discipline you, while preparing you for your future. If you don’t attend Coral Springs Charter, you’re missing out on school spirit and a chance to meet some of your best friends.
This school is a very good school. The staff and teachers are very nice. Although the I had some issues with the theater middle school teacher. A lot of teachers have favorites and mainly focuses on them.
What I love about Coral Springs Charter is that all teachers at the school are willing to help you no matter what the circumstance. And also that there are so many clubs and activities and events going on at the school it is never going to be too boring. This Administration is very nice and helpful if you are Cooperative with them.
My time spent at Coral Springs Charter School for past 7 years has been such an amazing experience. Being at the same school with same people has been very easy to make friends, and to be comfortable with ones you know well. The whole school is seen as one big family! I like how all of administration is there to help you with whatever issue you may be going through. Everyone has your back and is very reliable. Guidance counselors work with you all year, especially for your senior year and hopefully you get accepted into your dream school. I love going to this school. I'm soo happy that my parents went out of their way and pushed through so that I was accepting into this excellent school. I love every bit of it and wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
I have been at Coral Springs Charter for 2 years and believe this school has helped me in many ways, such as preparing me for college, not letting up on the work load, and allowing me to make amazing friends.
The school is great overall, but they should try to spend their budget on fixing appliances (such as the AC or bathroom sinks) rather than unnecessary technology.
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Coral Springs Charter is the type of school where when you first walk into it you feel welcome and are greeted by the nice smile of the best principal a school can ask for. If you ever get to go there, you won’t regret it.
Coral Springs charter is a 6-12 school and it is very small. Every student gets the personalized attention they need. Also teachers are very dedicated to there students and their success and functionality in the real world. I've been attetending this school since 9th grade and seen many chances due to the various school safety issues.
I really have enjoyed my time at this school. I like the way that they carry out the school rules and our dress code. I'm also very fond of all of the teachers I have had in previous years. If there is one thing I would change about my school it would be the school lunch. I know there are other schools that serve fresh lunch instead of packaged lunch. I think the students at our school would enjoy a better lunch also.
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