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Coral Shores High School Reviews

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Coral Shores is definitely a one of a kind school. Most teachers are about their student and try to help them as best as possible. The school offers classes that aren't offered at many high schools such as Marine Mechanics and Marine Science. Overall it is a great school.
Coral Shores High School is great. It is diverse in culture with many Hispanics as well as Americans and even foreign students. Coral Shores High School embraces diversity fully and tries to provide the best education as possible.The faculty is very friendly and always tries to help each students succeed and go into their desired fields. I believe that Coral Shores prepares their students adequately for life after school and University as well. With its lush location in Tavernier with the ocean breeze, it is the perfect school for those ocean lovers. Coral Shores High School could upgrade their lunch menu to have a more diverse menu for more freedom to choose.
Campus is mostly outdoors, kinda unique, very humid. It’s always felt like there was a stronger focus on dresscode rather than education or student well being. Most teachers actually do care about students, however most of the incoming classes are comprised of absolute gremlins that ruin the experience of the whole school for everybody else. If you’re reading about this school to consider moving to the keys and looking for which school to enroll your child in- don’t bring them to the keys, go literally anywhere else. Iowa for god sake
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Coral Shores is a located in the Florida Keys and the atmosphere reflects that. The school is small with about 150 students in each grade. One of the great things about the school is that they offer classes in Marine Biology and Commerical Fishing and Diving.
I like the laid back style with the ability to learn in a stress free environment. The School heavily lacks diversity primarily white. The Administration cares more about setting examples of students rather than them just learning from the mistakes they have made. The school has a huge turnout for football and that is as far as the sports go, lack of funding hinders most of the others sports.
I liked how small the population at Coral Shores was. It was not a big school and was easy to get to know everyone you were in classes with. Coral Shores was very student involved, there was always something for the kids to do. From having so many sports teams for the kids to chose from and having a set of unique clubs.
Very prestigious high school, great teaching; and amazing hands on for application. The school has a very strong sense of tradition, and has many school activities to improve the students daily lives. The counseling there I found very helpful in setting me in the correct direction.
Majority of teachers genuinely care for the students' grades and personal well being, administration doesn't seem to care for the students as much.
I like the activities and involvement in the student body. I would like to see a change in the way the Journalism class is constructed.
More computer science and business electives would be great. Also mandatory freshman seminar should be replaced with something more productive, like computer typing and MOS.
What i liked the most about my high school was the way the teachers teach and care about the students. I had an amazing 4 years there, that i would not trade for anything in the world. What i would change about my high school is the way they set up our schedules. They should breakup the days more and switch up the classes instead of having the same classes everyday.
Not so great if you're looking for a quality education but great if you're looking for easy access to various drugs
What makes our school unique is its location. Our football/soccer field looks out over the water.
Like with any institution, Coral Shores has both good and bad teachers. There are teachers who had a positive impact on my high school experience and who I will always remember. Those are the teachers who give the most of themselves to their students. They are the teachers who are involved in activities outside of the classroom and who attend many school functions to support students and the school. Overall, Coral Shores is a great school.
the parents are very involved no matter what the cause is. we never go an event with out seeing many parents helping out
moat teachers are very engaged and supporting and actually do help with a struggling student, there are many others at time thats just dont care
Faculty is on school grounds for anyone who needs help or someone to talk to but some guidance counselors aren't the easyiest or most approachable to talk too. This makes it harder for students to access help for themselves.
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Coral Shores has plenty of extracurricular activities. After school we have Interact, Key Club, National Honor Society for math, reading, science and history, Paddle Board, Environmental and Aimee Club. Each club is held once a week. Administrators are activity in taking a supporting role in each of the clubs they are in charge of.
My school is on the water. We have a wonderful breeze when playing sports on the field, our marine science program is spectacular and we do so many great events. We make Lip Dubs, we have entered the Guinness Book of World Records for most people to be dressed up as dogs, we do powderpuff and soccer tournaments while wearing a giant inflatable ball. This school is so much fun and we are rated an A+ school.
The teachers here at my school are pretty on top of things. They interact kindly with students and help them when needed. Although, there are a few who aren't always there after school or aren't the best with discussing topics with the class because it is there way or the highway. On an overall, teachers go above and beyond at our school to make sure we enjoy it. An example of this would be a Lip Dub we made for spirit week or pep ralleys or even by trying to help change the dresscode policy to be less strict.
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