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Coral Gables Senior High School Reviews

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Coral Gables Senior High has great teachers and a very good IB program. Definitely prepared me for university.
The thing I liked most about Coral Gables Senior High school was the variety of courses they offered. I was most interested in Duel Enrollment courses, and the fact that they offered them was excellent.
Coral Gables Senior High School is unlike any other public high school. Although the sports teams are mediocre and the school spirit is nonexistent, our school stands out from others with all the different magnets offered. As a student in the international baccalaureate program, I take challenging classes as well as assignments. Being able to participate in such a program is one of my favorite aspects are Coral Gables. The only takeaway Coral Gables has is that although there are clubs, many of them are not active while the ones that do have multiple meetings are very selective in who can participate.
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What i enjoyed the most during my time at Coral Gables was the ability to interact socially with my fellow peers and develop a social personality. In addition I was able to establish close relationships with my teachers some of which I find myself revisiting. One thing I hope for the Gables to change is the focus on STEM related majors as their was very little experimentation to coincide with theory. In addition I would also like to see more Student liberty in selection of classes as during my high school period it was difficult to switch classes.
i liked the people but the Teachers weren't teaching anything and the school efficiency is poor. I had to take some exams because I was an exchan student and nobody told me anything, it was me that had to go and ask the Teachers and most of the Teachers didn't even know what i was talking about, the woman who was taking care of all the testing was rude and impatient with me.
My school councelor was rude also telling me that I couln't chenge my scadule more than two times.
Although, I enjoyed the experience as a student here, most attention was placed to the magnet program in the school. I was in that program actually, but once I decided my third year as a junior that I didn’t need it for my future career, I exited the program. Once I saw how the regular students were treated, I wasn’t very happy with that. IB students are prioritized in a way that is not fair. I have been in both sides and I can say that the special treatment is not necessary. IB have the better teachers, which is not fair to those in the regular program. Regardless of this ongoing issue, it is a pretty good school compared to many other schools in that area. It was an enjoyable experience, but it definitely wasn’t a 5-star school. It had several other issues with activities and how they judged attendance.
I really like my school. The teachers are pretty good and most will work with you if you are willing to work with them. If you don’t care about your education your teachers won’t care about you but focus on your studies and ask for will have an amazing experience!
Coral Gables High, to be a public high school with about 4,000 students, does a really good job in providing all the resources needed for students to maximize their potential. Although I personally experienced many courses in which the school is not very strong at, which is definitely a drawback, Gables's strongest programs have one of the most committed teacher faculties that you will ever encounter. The IB program is given a lot of support at Gables and is the academy that I recommend the most. Although some days in the IB program can get tough (especially in junior year), the bond that it is formed with teachers, counselors, and students it's everlasting and makes Gables a well-rounded school overall.
Gables offers many opportunities to develop your academic career with a multitude of supportive teachers, counselors, and staff. Its magnet programs are amazing and one of the best in the county.
Overall it is the ideal high school experience but the school itself is every dirty and not well taken care of. Cannot control students, teachers do not care about students, the food is disgusting, and the school has no school spirit due to the strict rules of administration when it comes to events.
Overall average experience. Lots of favouritism towards certain groups of students over others. Use of funds was usually poor and used for unnecessary glam that didn't improvw th school's performance, morale, or resources
I genuinely really enjoy all the clubs, the people, classes, and the IB program/Curriculum, I feel like Gables has truly pushed me to work my hardest and achieve my goals in college and beyond.
Coral Gables Senior High School is very diverse. They are excellent when it comes to education and teaching the students. Things I would change is school activities because giving student a good high school experience is very important. Coral Gables activities are very bland. When to substitute teacher they need more English speaking substitute or at least can understand and communicate properly.
For the most part I enjoyed the 4 years I attended this school, and would recommend it highly after any other local school.
I liked some teachers in CGHS but many dont care about their students and have said very rude things. what I dislike the most is how dirty the school is. the bathroom are absolutely horrible and disgusting. the pep rallies aren't that good and we rarely have any. overall, gables isn't that bad but I could be better. on the bright side, I have enjoyed my 3 years here so far and can't waiter senior year to come around (I'm currently a junior in the IB program).
I graduated from Coral Gables Senior High in 2017. I was in the International Baccalaureate program, and I loved my high school experience. By enrolling in the IB diploma and passing my exams, I became a Bright Futures Scholar. Coral Gables Senior High is by far one of Dade County's best public high schools.
An above average public school who tries to do the most with the resources they have. They have various and rigorous academic programs but also a long list of sports and extracurriculars. The facilities are a bit worn down but under renovation with some of the kindest and most caring teachers in the world.
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Coral Gables Senior High is an outstanding academic school. You have people who attend the school with different backgrounds and different interests. The only thing I would like to see change when I graduate is the diversity of the students. You have your business students, performing arts, and other academies all separated which is unfortunate because meeting people is part of life.
Coral Gables Senior High is an average school unless you are in one of the magnet programs such as the International Baccalaureate program or the academy of Finance. The school would be a lot better if they simply fixed it up a bit, it needs a paint job and there are holes in the roof throughout the school's science department.
What I enjoyed about being in gables was being with the people that care about you and support you depending on the circumstance that one would face. Also, what I enjoy about being in gables was that I was able to make new friends who end up being a part of my high school crusade. One thing that I would change about the school itself is to invest more money on remodeling the entire school.
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