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Coral Gables Senior High School Reviews

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Coming to Coral Gables Senior High school definitely had an impact in my life. I can say that it has shaped my personality as of who I am right now but obviously in a good way. The IB teachers are the most amazing people ever because they genuinely care for their students and their future. I couldn't be more proud than to be a cavalier.
I'm glad I went to public school, I almost didn't. Coral Gables was a pretty good experience, not perfect, but definitely quite reasonable. Firstly most teachers were really great, and cared a lot about their students. Taking IB classes I learned a lot and really enjoyed most of them. Extremely good for college preparation, my counselor walked me through the whole process and I got into the University of Miami. Overall it's a great experience.
It's not the best school, but the IB program in it is amazing. I loved all of my professors, and they really cared about us doing well in their courses. I must say that I loved my time at Gables, but the infrastructure could use some improvements.
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My experience as a junior in High School have been satisfactory so far since I haven't had any trouble with any of my teachers or classmates. However, there are certain aspects of that school that I don't like. One of them is the food and the electronic devices that we are providing. The food is not always in the best condition and in regard with the electronic devices they are not that advance. They do make sure to give all students a device in case if they needed which I totally agree with that and I think is vital for their education. There are a variety of clubs in which students can openly join based on their preferences as well as sports. The diversity in my school is diverse since we have students from more of one country and sharing their culture with us makes them feel more at home. I as an Cuban student as found myself surrounded with a lot of people form my country and that makes me happy
I love my school! I entered in the middle of the year because I moved from another country and everyone who got close to me was very welcoming.

I'd like to change the cafeteria food, it isn't very healthy
In the IB program at Gables, the classes are all super rigorous and the teachers are always ready to help you when needed. It's a very unique experience because the IB and the non-IB students are like two different worlds but you still interact all the time. I suppose its like any other public school in Miami...
The teachers there want to see you grow and learn. Some of the teachers focus more on wanting you to learn something new than grades. made amazing friends and the environment is amazing.
I had a great experience but I didn’t get to graduate. I do believe we should have more school spirit like pep rallys.
Even tho I graduated from this school, the experience was good. I was able to be in a magnet program related with business where I learned a lot about companies and businesses.
Coral Gables Senior High is a really great school if you want it be a a great school. The school has different academies that you can be in.There are two magnets , International Baccalaureate, and National Academy of Finance. The IB program gets you automatically a Bright Futures scholarship of 75% covered. There are tons of clubs, and you will find your place. If you want to be apart of it you will be apart of it . Go Cavs!!!!!!!
I was in the IB program at Gables and it was the best experience ever. There's a variety of classes and programs to chose from at the school. Most of my teachers were amazing and very helpful. Administration does a good job of taking safety precautions. Although the tidiness of the bathrooms could improve, it was overall a great 4 years. I'll miss it!
Really great school, with amazing teachers and students. The IB program is a great opportunity for students to learn and prepare for college. I recommend it 100%!!
I like the wide diversity of Coral Gables Senior High and the range of Clubs/activities that are held. This school has hundreds of clubs and if you don’t see one you like, you can make your own. The school is also very welcoming and has an excellent staff.
I had an overall great experience at Gables. As I was in the IB program I received all the resources needed for me to achieve. The teachers were all very supportive and I felt as if I could always ask them for help. The school consists of around 3,500 people which allowed me to make a diverse group of friends. The only downside was the constant construction that was happening.
I would like them to continue working on the students having more school spirit and complete all of the construction. I love the staff and teachers for helping us.
I had the best four years of my life at this school and when I leave, I will look back and still be thankful for my time there.
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I have enjoyed going to CGSH because I managed to find activities that I loved participating in. It's a great school environment and you'll always find a place to be.
I highly suggest going to Gables. I had the best four years of my life. The staff is amazing and cares about the students so much. The school is also undergoing a lot of renovation to look better.
Coral Gables Senior High School had a very strong school spirit and sense of community when it comes to their sports.
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