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So far I have had a good experience at this school. I like how they offered opportunities to prepare the students for college. I just wish the school was more organized when it comes to events and it should include opportunities for students who would like to take up a trade instead of attending a college or university. I can speak for basically for every student when I say this, I would like to have a better school lunch.
I have been attending Coppin since 9th grade and honestly I grew to love it. I met different types of people and made awesome friends. My teachers really care about our future and the future outside of high school. The only thing I would change about Coppin is the food and diversity, other than that Coppin is a pretty great school.
Wonderful resources and great people that will push you to your best ability. Nobody gave up on me. I loved my experience here and I will be forget it.
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Coppin Academy isn’t the best school if you’re looking for more academically, but it does consist of an amazing staff that will make sure to prepare you for college, celebrate you any chance they can, and love you with all their heart.
Coppin Academy gave me so many opportunities. I got the chance to do dual enrollment with my school. My school prepares you for college. Everything we do at Coppin Academy is to better the students. There are so many other programs at my school such as AVID, Urban Alliance, Dual Enrollment, Merit, and so many more. I love that my school actually care about my future and pushing the students on the right path. I also love that the percentage of seniors to go to college this year was 100%! One thing I wish could change at my school is that we would have study hall. I feel like that is so important since students have so much work and they deserve to take a breather and get their work done in school.
Hello, My name is Shakaiya Buckner and I am a current Senior at Coppin Academy High School. Being at any High School has its ups and downs but being at Coppin Academy makes a difference in what your High School experience may be like. I attended Coppin Academy for 4 years and am a Dual Enrollment Scholar. Coppin Academy is a small school it helps you become more social and has more opportunities. Dual enrollment is a program to help scholars at Coppin Academy take College courses and gain a college experience beforehand, also Coppin Academy has helped me get into the Merit program which opened many others for me. In closing, I would like to Thank Ms.Almond, Teachers, Peers, Staff, and Administration for providing me with the best High School experience Ever!
I graduated from Coppin in the summer of 2017. I went there for only a year but my experience was really great. It was my senior year so the staff had very high expectations for me not realizing that I will make mistakes. The teachers that I had were really nice and were willing to work with me if I needed help. The staff was just as nice. There were some who I thought were strict but they just knew what I was capable of. The cafeteria food was average on most days but I always brought lunch from home. Overall, my experience was pretty good from the little time I was there.
Coppin Academy was an decent experience for me. Of course everybody have some good teachers and some classes you just couldn’t get no matter how hard you study. One thing I did like about Coppin Academy was that they was always helpful with anything you needed.
I like that it’s on a college campus, it’s small so the teachers pay more attention to you. It’s family oriented, and you can tell the teachers actually care about your success.
I've been attending Coppin since 2013 so I may graduate in 2017. Coppin has been a really big change for me not so much of a challenge that I was looking for. Coppin I learned a lot based on different people and better opportunities. Coppin is a family school, small and loving. Everyone knows everyone. What I would like to see change is the uniforms, more parent involvement , more fun activities( field trips ) which people like myself with good grades deserve.
As I former student of Coppin Academy I was pleased with my four years as a student. The love I received from administration, teachers, and overall staff was amazing. I can say that Coppin Academy made me prepared to now attend Morgan State Univeristy.
The school teacher wise was very helpful and they cared but the principle is not helpful she comes late every dayand is the first to leave but makes everyone else stay late.
We had the opportunity to use the college equipment!
All my teachers gave me the proper respect that I deserved.
I enjoyed being apart of the school basketball, I was the girl's basketball team manager. I loved my job while I was there!
Coppin Academy was an okay school because it was new when I first started. Everything was not up to par since we only had ninth and tenth grade. As the school became bigger and bigger the more organized it turned out to be. Overall, I had a great experience and loved my instructors.
The teachers are determined to help the children pass.
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We have hall monitors. We don't have a school nurse but we can go to the college nurse.
We share our athletic facilities with the college.
the academic area is pretty cool. Some classes are pretty challenging but none of them just let you pass and go as you please.
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