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Copper Mountain Middle School Reviews

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Copper Mountain is an overall very good school! The teachers and staff are very helpful and care about your education. They do a wonderful job of keeping the school safe and happy. They also do a fantastic job of getting to know as many students as they can personally. There are tons of great and unique students. There is little drama between students. CMMS is a wonderful environment and a great place to learn!
My experience here was nothing but amazing. They had super kind staff that were actually there to support you because they wanted to and not because they were getting payed to! They atmosphere of this school was a safe and fun place to learn and feel comfortable !
Everything about this school makes me feel privileged to be there, with access to technology at anytime before and after school times. Staff being the kindest and fun to be around, they're the sweetest people out there. The only thing that brings the place down is the kids to be around there, they give the teachers such a hard time. The effects they have leave marks, but if you surround yourself with the good people around here you'll do just fine! Overall it's a great place to start out at.
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The lunches are very hit or miss. The math teachers usually teach above expectations, but every other faculty member does not seem to care about their students whatsoever. Many members of the advisory staff enforce rules unfairly and excessively. Many times hall monitors will stop a student on their way to class and keep them away from educational time.
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