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There are plenty of different choices for kids to choose from outside of class, by the time I left, I had taken karate (3 years), an outside art class additional to the one taken by students already (2 years) and pom/cheer (1 year). My sister has taken so far karate, chess, ballet and art. There is a multitude of other options too. During school hours, part of the kid's day include going to a different 'special' every day of the week, meaning art, music, P.E. and computers. They also offered string and band specials too starting in fourth grade, which are optional.
The school nurse is incredible, I still go and talk to her and she's just the best. She's not scary and will genuinely listen and take into consideration any problems your child may be having. The school itself in terms of health starts a sex education program fairly early on (at least for females) unless something has changed since I've been there, which is an important aspect of hitting puberty. In terms of safety, many newer aspects are there now. There's a double security locked door in the office that you can't get through unless authorized and most of the rest of campus is completely locked off and gated off. They do fire drills and lock down drills all the time to ensure the children know what to do.
My parents struggled to find a school I would tolerate, I hated school and I hated leaving my family, but they never had a problem when I went to Copper Canyon. The teachers were incredibly kind and thoughtful, the rest of the faculty knew the students just as well as the teachers and everyone went out of their way for each and every student. I absolutely would choose Copper Canyon again, both to teach since I'm an Elementary Education major and many of the people there inspired me to become such, and to send my own kids to in the future.
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I never had a problem with the teachers, they're kind, intelligent and really do care. I went through all of elementary school at Copper Canyon, my younger sister is currently going through elementary school there, and a lot of the teachers there are still teaching from when I had been in first/second/third grade, so you know they're experienced. They genuinely love each and every student and will help each student individually if needed.
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