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Very diverse school but very cliquey students don’t always make you fill welcome if you’re new, school spirit is low, main focus amongst students is academics which makes learning not as fun. Some teachers are great and it shows in their teaching and relationship with students. For the passed couple years I will give Coppell its props for trying to better itself ethically and appearance wise.
One of the major things I liked about Coppell High is the sense of togetherness and the way the teachers tutor their students (individually- out of their own time). I also loved the fact that our Principal (Laura Springer), took her time early in the mornings ever single day to greet the students and encourage them in their school work and academics as well as, out-of-school activities like sports, music. I remember one time when I met her in the hallway with my best-buddy and she wished us by saying "Hey! How are you guys doing? Great Job today, and let's do this again tomorrow". She had that quality that many principals in high schools nowadays are not accustomed to, and I loved that!! The things that I would really want to go back and fix would be the teachers at Coppell High. Although some teachers are really good with their profession, they do not exercise the art of teaching in a fluent manner that would make the students grasp it quickly.
I have been attending Coppell High School since freshman year and i will soon be graduating as a senior. I really like all the resources that are provided at this school from our own iPads to our amazing and diverse elective classes that are sure to interest every single student at CHS. The school also has a really diverse community which makes our school unique and comfortable for every student no matter your race or sexuality. The most amazing thing about CHS is our principal Ms. Springer who greets you in the halls and has improved the school environment greatly ever since she joined CHS.
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Overall, my experience at Coppell High School has been a good one. However, it is definitely worth mentioning that Coppell High is extremely competitive. Sure, it gives students motivation, but it is also almost unhealthy. The pressure placed on students has resulted in many a mental breakdown. Also, there are some teachers that seem to think that they don’t have to teach. The students end up teaching themselves the material instead, and the teacher just throws some resources at them once in a while. This is VERY frustrating for the students. Despite its flaws, CHS is definitely one of the better schools in the DFW area all around. The environment of the school has been positive, supportive, inclusive, and uplifting, especially after the arrival of Mrs. Springer as our principal at the beginning of this year. I’ve been to a few different schools and school districts in my life, and I can honestly say that CHS is the best one I’ve been to.
As a student at Coppell High, I have seen the enormous amount of emphasis placed on academics. While generally, a good thing, this has created an enormous amount of stress for the students and pressure to be at the very top of their class. In areas of sports, fine arts, and clubs this school does have a lot to offer. The school also has a lot of resources and provides a lot for their students in terms of technology.
When I first came to CHS, it was not nearly as welcoming as the environment it is now with new leadership. The teachers care about their students' success, whether in or out of the classroom, and always try to help those who are struggling. I've made some great friends, and have participated in many organizations that have opened new opportunities for me.
I enjoyed being at coppell but sometimes it feels like you have to kiss the butts of administration for them to help you. There are too many kids for administration to help every single one and that is an issue.
I transferred to this school my sophomore year and can not think of a better high school to graduate from. The neighborhood and surrounding community is absolutely amazing but the main attraction is the school. One of the best sports programs in all of Texas and also one of the highest rated educational programs in all of Texas to match. I have nothing but great memories and even live with4 of my friends that i went to this school with while I am currently attending college!
Very good all around school with many opportunities to branch off to. Great sports teams and very friendly hard working staff. Large campus and very nice, well kept facilities.
I have the unique position of attending two years at New Tech @ Coppell and two years at Coppell High School. While New Tech is a great school, I have been pleased with my decision to transfer. CHS offers a lot of opportunities, including an excellent Engineering program, a plethora of AP/IB classes, and a multitude of extracurriculars and clubs. If you are a motivated student you will do well. There are some things that could be improved, of course. There has been a problem with cheating and it can be hard to find community if you don't take the initiative to reach out yourself. If you decide to attend CHS I highly recommend you involve yourself with at least one or two clubs/extracurriculars and research teachers before you sign up for a class. (There are a lot of great teachers at CHS, but unsurprisingly there are a lot of average/bad teachers as well) I hope this helps!
Coppell High School is a great academically oriented school. Most of the students enrolled here seriously care about their grades, schoolwork, and future. The athletic programs are also very competitive and fun. I recommend this school to students who like to compete in the classroom but be warned, you have to have thick skin to get by here. Students, teachers, and coaches alike will be tough on you.
I absolutely love this school. Ever since I came to this school in my Sophomore year, I have been treated well, I have learned a lot, built relationships, and expanded my view on new subjects. The from athletics to education, this school offers so much. It is an amazing school that provides many opportunities for it's students.
Coppell High School is a great school because of its amazing teachers and community. The only thing I would like to see change is to declare an emphasis on integrity. The school offers great academics, but the students lose track of the importance of the road of learning. They are so scared to fail that they would rather sacrifice their integrity than accept it and learn from their mistakes. In what some may call a cutthroat environment, students need to be reminded that it should be a place that fosters learning from their experiences.
It's objectively a good school and provides a good education, but the culture of the school encourages high levels of stress and academic dishonesty. It also focuses much more on sports than any other program.
I believe that although Coppell offers great opportunities to their students, many of them are left out if they are not student athletes.
Coppell High School is a very well-run school that provides plenty of opportunities for all students. The level of academic assistance at this school is comparable to that of many private schools, and the staff here is willing to go the extra mile to assist students in any way possible. Coppell High School also has great sports including football and basketball, and the overall campus is pretty good. Overall, I feel fortunate to go to a school as great as CHS.
Coppell High School is a very good school. They are mostly there to help everyone gain a good education and grow to do better things. A couple of things I like is how they offer a way to be able to do you work whether it be in school or out of school they provide it. They do this by giving iPads to their students. Another thing I like is how some of the teachers teach. One thing I dislike is how everything is mainly online, and how they hardly do anything on paper unless it’s for math or a test. I also dislike some of the new rules the school has made. As well as how much this school charges for certain things. This school is very good education wise but in other ways I believe they should step up and do what’s better for the school as a whole.
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I went to high school here for three years. I really liked the learning environment and the teachers I had there. The school is excellent for athletes for the sports scene is very large here. The teachers do a great job of making sure the students understand the material.
I like that there are many courses available for students to take, but I wish that all clubs and activities were open to students. Some clubs are restricted to students based on their course selection, which at times can be very limiting.
This school had its perks, I loved how they had a girls wrestling team.
The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because when it came to bulling the teachers or the counselors never did anything about it. I remember my friend being bullied and told a counselor about what was going on. She told her to do is to ignore them. Of course, the bulling continued and her parents decided to move her to a different school. It's things like that make you realize how little the higher ups care for their students at times.
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