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I am a current sophomore. I love Coosa. I am proud to be a Coosa Eagle. The entire environment from staff to students is amazing. We are all like a giant family. Yes, we fight from time to time. But, they always encourage everyone to their best.
Coosa High School has a great reputation for school spirit. This spirit is not just for sports, the entire school itself show cases this contagious school spirit. It is showed through the students, teachers, administration, and community.
Coosa high school is a school where is average i guess i would say. There is not many students that attend therefore students know about everyone. Teachers do what they can to make sure the students know he concept in what is being learned. it is not a bad school at all. There are clubs you can join in and help you out in classes like study hall for extra practice in subjects.
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I appreciated the love and support from my teachers. They always strived to help me get a jump start with life after high school.
I like the teacher to student ratio because it allows the teachers to teach us students in a way that helps us learn better. If we are having trouble with a subject, the teacher will immediately know and will make sure to work one on one in order to help us understand. I also like the administration. They will get to know each and every student and will make sure they get the education they need. They give us the right balance of freedom and authorization needed in order to keep a good school running and educated while also making it fun for the students.
it was a super great experience. i’m for sure going to miss it! it was really fun while it lasted. i hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as i did.
some teachers dont try to tech their students. there are also lots of behavior problems at this school and we get more and more every year. not a lot of options for classes or the cca classes. only two forgin language options
I liked how friendly everyone is and how good the academics are. I have been able to achieve many things there academically over the past couple years. Coosa also embellishes a wonderful band program. The band program is lead by very talented instructors who are increasing the numbers each and every year. Coosa has a wonderful building and campus, and it always looks spotless. The lunchroom options are very diverse and it offers choices for anyone of any tastes. The teachers and staff are reliable, friendly, inspirational, and helpful in any way. I wish I could change how the student body treated each other because sometimes we have multiple fights in one day. Stricter discipline needs to be forced so that students will learn how to behave better.
Coosa High was my home for four years. They were my second family. They made my bad days good and my good days better.
At the time that I attended Coosa High School, my graduating class was still in the older school building. One thing I didn’t like as much was how old the building was. Now since they have a new building, it looks a lot better. The level of education we were getting at the time was really good but from what current students have stated, classes are harder and to me that seems like it’s better. The reason why it is better is because the staff is better preparing students for college! The sports at Coosa were a big deal and we always had great teams! One thing I would like Coosa to change is their food. The food wasn’t terrible but it could’ve been better
Coosa High School is a pretty average public school. Mainly because of the district they serve, they fall behind other local schools in terms of education. They have always been one of the strongest schools around for a lot of different athletics, but that is only a result of the athletic talent they happen to get. Aside from that, they have a nice new three story building funded by the school system. Athletic facilities, however, either don't exist or are just disgusting.
Lots of bullying. There have been lots of fights here. Teachers ridicule students. Some teachers are amazing (For example, Chris Parker), but for the most part, they do not respect students at all. Very unclean environment. Cannot get from one class to another on time, and you constantly get in trouble for that. Teachers love to see you fail.
Coosa High School is an institution with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. This school allowed me to experience a new mindset of success. The teachers here have very high expectation for all of their students, and they expect every individual to meet them regardless of their work ethic.
Personally, I do not enjoy waking up early for school every weekday, however, I did enjoy the faculty and the education I have received from of Coosa High School. I am thankful for Coosa High School.
Coosa High School is one of my favorite high schools to tell people about because, they see things in a way that know other high does. The coosa staff is beyond amazing, they will go the extra mile to get you what you need. The coosa comity is the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Friday night is the night to be there, between the awesome football team to the amazing band you wont want to miss this opportunity to see how great coosa really is.
I'm a current Senior in this school. From my overall experience, I can't think of a better school be be in than this one. The education is superb, the opportunities you're given are plentiful, and our athletic and fine art departments are some of the best.
Most of the staff hate eachother, their jobs, and aren't polite to students. Some of the teachers are awesome people but cannot stand the administration. Everyone pretty much shows up because they have to and then they go home as fast as they can.
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I liked the teachers and how they showed how much they care but i would like for the school to treat all sports equally
I really enjoyed my time at Coosa High School. They make sure to help you out as much as you can! Everyone is friendly! Sports were very good while I was in school! It felt like a second home to me.
It's a really great school. Some of he Teachers are great and the others are just okay. One thing I would change would have to be for the teachers to stop playing favorites.
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