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Co-op was just an alright school for me. Some of my teachers there were amazing, and some others were not so much. The administration made minimal efforts to connect with students. We never felt like our voice was heard, and most ideas students made to improve the school never made it past planning stage.
The main redeeming factor of the school is its focus on the arts. I can't say much about the other programs, but visual arts was good. There was a good range of art classes students could choose to take, and the teachers were very passionate about what they taught.
It was very diverse and open. Definitely better than most of the high schools in the area. I feel like I've learned a lot about myself by being there. It taught me to come out of my bubble and try new things. I don't think I would be the same person without this school.
Bad school with horrible food and racist teachers many people go here thinking it's a good school but wind up leaving.
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Coop is a great school if you wish to enter a field of arts. But the social economics of the school still struggles.
As an actual student at Coop, I did not understand how great of a school it was for me. As an alum, I look back and wish I was still there. Coop prepared me well for a future in music, as I am studying music in college right now. Teachers were mentors as well as counselor and friends, they pushed me to be the best musician and student I could be. You do not have to be afraid to be yourself here, nor do you have to stress about making friends, everybody finds their niche even if it takes a couple years. Your art is your home, where you make your closest friends and look forward to learning everyday. The staff has influenced me to pursue my dreams, even when I thought a future in music was not possible for me.
Out of my four years at Coop, I've had a great experience with making friends and excelled in all of my academics. However, some administration and staff can be a little nicer to students and do not show enthusiasm or excitement towards the students.
In thinking on my high school experience, I can’t think of many good aspects. The culture was catty, the academics were poor, and I always felt that I was behind compared to those going to Suburban Schools. However, although the teaching isn’t that great, the TEACHERS are probably some of the best in the country, for what they serve. They’re all invested in the school community, know who they serve, and are sensitive and cognizant of those issues. This school is probably one of the best in the district because of those sensitivities. I’m proud to graduate from such an institution that allows their students to flourish emotionally and always feel like there are systems in place to assist them, even with the odds perpetually stacked against them.
Coop allows a lot of opportunities for you to understand yourself artistically and academically. We offer various after school programs like GSA and tutoring middle schoolers. One thing I wish is as a senior it feels very robotic and as there is a lack of freedom or privileges that separate us from the other grades. It would be nice to be able to have shorter days instead of us being forced to fill our schedule with unnecessary electives
In freshman year it was an amazing experience. Everybody was passionate about their art. Even outside waiting for the buses, everybody was so expressive about their art. As the years went by, the passion for the arts began to die out. It has not been the same since.
This school is like no other. It’s environment enough will have you ready to step outside of your comfort zone. This school is welcoming and covered in art. It’s a wonderful place to be.
I have gone to Co-op for all four years of my high school experience, and I wouldn't change that for any other school. Sure, there have been times where I honestly considered dropping out, but I think that goes for every high school student. Co-op has a spectacular arts program, as well as decent academics. Sometimes it feels like this place is falling apart, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Co-op is a school like no other. I love that us students get to study art every single day. The majority of people are passionate about art and what they do. Organization and communication is something that can be worked on.
I loved Coop its honestly an amazing school with millions of opportunities. For example, I was about to be taught by Yale law Students along with the teacher on con-law. Or the chance to take Yale classes along with getting into an amazing program called Evolutions in the peabody museum. Even though Coop is a performing arts school they still provide the chance to reach out to the finest institutions of the art world along with the every other field. I would never trade my experience at Coop for any other school. Coop made me aware of so much and taught me so much not just advance and expand my education but enlighten me on the world around me especially the current events happening in our community and world.
Extremely creative and welcoming environment! Faculty and staff are amazing. For students who want to be in a small community type of setting for high school, this is the perfect place! On top of taking your academic classes such as math, science, history, etc., students have the option to pick a concentration in the arts and really grow in that area throughout their four years at Co-Op, and they even get a chance to experience different arts through after school programs. The environment is inclusive, and very fitting to everyone's identity.
Coop is a great school if you're really dedicated to your art and the other forms of art. It's filled with dedicated art teachers that will challenge you and want to see you succeed with critical advice in how to do better. Great opportunities to explore other arts and try new things. We might not be the best art school out there, but we do have dedicated and passionate students who love what they do. With the limisted resources we have thanks to the limited budget we're give, we still use that little money to our advantage and it wouldn't seem like the district is in debt. We have clubs and an after school that is a huge part of Coop culture. I wish that administration and the arts directory allowed small groups of students to perform out of school as a fundraiser so that it can benefit us as performers, artist, and a school. We need more opportunities with professional artist that are willing to guide young artist through a path of passion.
I love the teachers and art programs that they provide. All the arts have the very teachers that are experienced with their field and even lead after school programs that students from other arts can take part of. I am so proud to be a Knight!
I liked the fact that I can take my art classes daily for 1.5 hours! I became friends with like-minded people and had the ability to grow in my art. The behaviors in the school was a bit overwhelming and the school culture seemed to be lacking...more focused on performing arts not all arts. Overall, I had a good experience as it helped me grow as an artist.
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My experience attending Co-op was fantastic because I learned to communicate and expand my vocabulary since I learned from others and their way of communicating with me and learning many different customs of each individual with their culture and how they apply it to school which I found everyday to be exciting since everyday was different than the last. I suggest the school should do activities with all the other grades together.
Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School is a place you get to show out your amazing talents with others. This school helps us develop more skills in our art and experience something we never get the chance to do in our life. Our teachers help us prepare for the long run, which includes college! I enjoy going to school everyday and feeling excited for what I'm about to learn in all my classes, I appreciate my teachers for helping me out for when I'm in need of some assistance. I made some friends who were also into their art and have many things in common. My overall experience so far has been amazing and I truly love my school.
Great school! The diversity is unbelievable! The encouragement to be yourself and love those around you is great. They offer basic classes and AP classes for the different levels of intelligence. They have classes for the special needs. It is also an arts school, so being able to study a form of art you love is great! They also have fun after school programs.
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