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Cooper is filled with snobby, immature rich kids. The girls (mostly) aren't that bad but the guys... you won't go throughout your day without hearing the n word or the f slur from them. The school curriculum, especially AAP is OK. The English and History/Civics Departments are pretty good, and the Math and Science departments are average. The teachers are mixed. Some of them are nice, but others are downright unbearable. Overall, it wasn't a terrible place to go to middle school but I was glad to leave.
The school is run down and old. The teacher turnover for general education is higher than normal. The school only cares about their AAP program and students.
I am an international student and I move into this school 8th grade. I really like the teachers over there (even though there still have some "bad" teachers). It has many choices of classes, the Fairfax County system will find the most suitable class for you in math. You will have the freedom to choose your English, science, civics, and two electives.
The only parts I didn't like is the after-school activity and the recess time. During the day, we didn't have any time to relax, except for the 30 minutes QST(Quiet Study Time) which always being canceled, and the 30 minutes of lunchtime. Also, there didn't have many after-school activities to choose from.
Overall, I really like this school and recommended to the people. All the students are very friendly and teacher are nice (most of them).
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I enjoyed my time at Cooper. Looking back as a current senior in high school, I learned valuable academic habits that supported me through high school. The school was cliquey, but you will find friends if you are involved in a specific area (i.e. choir, sports, art, etc).
I never had to use the school nurse and never had an issue with bullying or safety while at this school. My friends said the nurse was nice. The school has armed police officers always during the school day. Office Hunter was the coolest person of all time and he had awesome stories. The students loved the school police officers.
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