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Cooper High School is relatively similar to just another small town environment. On the outside, the school system appears very welcoming and comforting. While inside, some things change. They reveal themselves to be an average education system with minimal effort put forth by the school board to compensate for the economic downfall our county is experiencing. However, they somewhat makeup for these flaws by providing their students with some commodities. Yet these little details still dictate the school to be mediocre at best.
This school is a well established and educated. They pride themselfs on helping there students throuth their lives. The will always be family to the school.
Cooper High School provides a friendly community for most students. In the future, I would like to see more advanced classes be available for students such as more AP classes. Overall, my stay at Cooper High School was decent enough to call a second home for some time.
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I loved having the feeling that I could always ask for help and the teachers would try their best.
Other than a few sports or band, there are very few after school extracurricular opportunities
College credit classes for History and Spanish are available. Teachers are very helpful.
Small class size is great. Lacking in upper level Math and Science
they always made sure we were safe
You'll probably get the peer pressure and challenges here that you'd encounter at any other schools. That being said this school has came along way. We still have our cliques,but that's because everybody knows everybody here and most people are not ready to step out of there comfort zone. Eventually they will but were very outgoing and love to meet new people if we have something in common with them.
The teachers are pretty great. Most of them have been teaching here for 20 plus years there curriculum is laid back,but other then that the others above average
The extracurricular activities in this school are fun. They teach you a lot about being a leader I am currently a senior in High School, and i played basketball. Playing basketball has thought the true meaning of being a leader. I absolutely love playing sports for this school and i am sad that i have to say goodbye to them.
I love my school. Its easy to fit in, and the teacher take there time and make sure you understand whats going on. It may be a small school where everyone knows your business, but there are plenty of opportunities to find out where you fit in at.
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