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Cooper High School was a pretty great high school with a lot of great teachers but there wasnt a lot of college readiness
Cooper is a cultured, diverse campus. The teachers all care about their students and the goal to prepare each student for their individual future is important.
Cooper was okay I guess.. it may seem big and scary there at first, but there's a lot of great teachers there to help and guide the students.
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My experience at Cooper High School was what you would expect at a large public high school. Some teachers could have definitely cared more, put more in to their work in order to see students be successful. I had personal issues, ones compromising my safety, and even after being notified the school did nothing about it.
I enjoyed the experience of all the high school peprallys and football games. And the teachers are really nice and are always willing to help you. And my time in band was my favorite part because I got to travel out of town to all the football games. And I would say the only 2 quirks about the school are they are pretty strict on id and when people can leave class, and then school lunches of course.
Cooper High School has some of the best staff and teachers that I have ever had. Two teachers in particular have been major influences on my life and I could not be more thankful for them. I have been grateful for all of the opportunities that they have given me.
Cooper High School could possibly work on the behavior of some students or more involvement of parents and techers but other than that Cooper is a great school with many activities and clubs and teachers and administrators that care.
It really is about how you make the experience. I started high school thinking I was too cool for it. I didn't participate in dress-up days and school events, but when you put yourself out their it makes the experience so much more fun. The classes you take really influence the people you will be around. Although Cooper might have its fault they really do try to work with you and help you become a better student. Teachers are willing to not only be your educator, but also your friend. And for that reason, I am a cougar until I die.
I have spent 3 out of 4 of my High School years at Cooper High School and I have found the level of teaching excellence to be very high. The staff and faculty truly care about the students and go the extra mile to make sure that what is needed to excel is in place. I highly recommend this school!
I've had a very wonderful high school experience. Cooper is a 5A and has about 2000 students, and I'm very happy with the large atmosphere. Our campus is actually an outdoor campus, meaning you have to walk outside in order to get from building to building and I really like it. I'm very involved at Cooper; I feel like it's very easy for students to get involved on campus and find out what they love.
I have had many experiences at Cooper over the past three years and had watched Cooper change for the better from changing the lunch schedule so student could have more time for tutorials and clubs to adding new classes based off of the students interest like a firefighter course. Cooper also has courses such as Air Force JROTC, Color guard, track, football, soccer, many other physical activities for students who love outside activities. And for student who are preparing for college, Cooper has a Dual credit program, where students go to a college campus for part of the day and got college credit. My favorite thing about Cooper is the teachers and the clubs, teachers at Cooper truly try their better to help you pass and the clubs are just a good way to relax during lunch once a week. My personal opinion of Cooper is that it is a pretty good school and that the teachers and principal are constantly making changes to improve our school.
At Cooper High School I received a wonderful education. The teachers are difficult but you learn so much and receive a well-rounded education. There are many opportunities for students who are struggling to receive help through lunch or after-school programs.I always felt that even if I was behind, I could catch up and receive help from my teachers.
I was a student in Cooper HS from 2014 to 2016. Most of teachers are nice and good at their jobs. The food at the cafeteria is bad. There are many activities and sports. Overall my experience in Cooper was good, but I think it could had beeen better if the schools spirit was stronger and if there wasn't been a fight every week.
They focus on your academic needs, while also showing you how to start acting like adults and what’s expected in the real world. While there are some people you have to watch out for and not get on their bad side, overall there’s many amazing people that attend this school.
Cooper High school is a great school to goto and very high in school spirit! Teachers and administration are very help if you talk to them or need help. Changes would probably be more school gatherings in terms of get every student together and have fun and meeting new people.
During the summer going into ninth grade I moved to Abilene, Texas. I was a new kid and I was scared of how things would turn out because I would be starting the school year not knowing anybody. But then I realized there was nothing to worry about because everybody there is really nice and I made a whole lot of friends pretty quickly. I liked how all of the teacher actually care about our education. Our school also has power hour which has helped me in so many ways to keep my grades up. I am now a senior ad there still isn't anything I would want to change because so far, Cooper has been an amazing school.
I loved the teachers at Cooper high school. They are so very supportive and strive to see every student succeed. I feel that the teachers are there to help and will go out of their way to provide assistance. I feel that the High School could do better in trusting the students. The students are not allowed to leave certain areas which makes us feel locked in.
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Cooper is a very diverse school with many cultured people attending it. The courses available at cooper help expand your horizon not only as a high school student but future college student as well.
It's a very fun place for others to learn at and to enjoy. At Cooper high school u can learn alot of things there and I wouldn't like to change anything except for maybe the food
Cooper High School is a great school. The teachers are great and the atmosphere is energetic. The down side is that some staff at the school are rude and act like they don't even want to be there.
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