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Cooper City High School is a great high school if you seek to learn all kind of subjects at a very high level. They offer a lot of AP classes with outstanding teachers that will always help you to achieve your goals. Moreover they offer the opportunity to join a big amount of clubs and team sports which perform at a very high level.
Very good school! The students here are very polite and most tend to mind their bussiness. The upperclassmen tend to be nice to the freshmen, and do not treat them any different than any other alumni. There is also very strict ID enforcement before even entering the school, so the saftey has always been excellent.
My high school experience was very rich. I participated in soccer, football and lacrosse from freshman year too senior year. The teachers at my school were well educated, support their students, and were very willing to help with academics. The teachers also had an excellent use of technology and current knowledge. Cooper city high schools staff and advisers cared greatly for their students and their success at the college level. The communication between teacher parent and student was quite good especially if a student has an obligation or missing work. An area for improvement would be increased athletic leadership, especially in lacrosse. Overall, I enjoyed my high school experience and the clubs and activities they offered.
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This is an overall great school, I am satisfied with the education I received here. But for some reason the school lunch pizza is always raw.
I had pretty good experience as a student at Cooper City High School. Most of my fellow peers are nice people but just like everywhere else there are people that aren't as nice as others. Other than that the teachers are pretty decent and I would feel better if there was a different way of making the school safer since the MSD shooting but the more rules the school makes the more it feels like a prison.
Cooper City High School is a great school with many experiences learned. One thing I'd like to change is certain teachers who just don't do their job.
Cooper City High School is one of the best schools in the South Florida area. Offering students a vast array of clubs and advance placement classes to choose from, this is certainly the school to choose in the area. However, one weak point of the school is their lack of care for students who don’t participate in honors or advanced classes- students in regular classes are left to their own vices with less helpful teachers. This only hurts these students more, creating a very negative cycle and a path often hard for regular class students to leave. Moreover, the school lacks diversity and good guidance. In the words of my past guidance counselor “there’s always room for improvement.”
The school has bad kids mainly teachers are mainly amazing some are strict. The security is poor and needs improvement.
I am a student at Cooper City High School and I have been enrolled since my sophomore year. I am now a senior and I only give my school an average rate per my experience and my belief that they can do better in just about every area then they do now. They claim that they are elite but in reality they are just a regular school that does the bare minimum for their students.
These last 4 years have been an experience I could never forget. Sure, everyone hopes their high school years turn out like how they see it on T.V., but I was looking to find something else. I made new friends, learned new things, and been shaped into a better person. looking back, I wouldnt change a thing about it. I am so lucky to have chosen a high school that fits for me and many other individuals there.
Cooper City High School offers lots of different college resources which are very useful to students. There are also plenty of different clubs that students can join based on their interests. If they are interested in film, they can join CTV which is the cchs news program that select students are in. Members are first interviewed before being able to join. They then film different things weekly and air it online and on the cchs tv every Friday, which classes can watch in class. Theater students can also join the Thespians. This group consists of the students that do the school plays. These students must take up a lot of their time to join, because they will have to stay every day for a couple of hours after school during the months of the play.
It's a pretty good school with mostly amazing teachers. The teachers are kind and actually want to help you succeed. I would recommend Cooper for your future high school.
Cooper City High meets all expectations and provides an acedemically challenging and safe environment for students.
Good school with great teachers happy to be at the school. Not a great sport school, but with other activities such as media programs, art, music, and DECA, it's easy to get involved. Not the schools fault, but diversity of the student body was minimal.
An all around awesome school. I was new this year, but have already made great friends in every class. The main thing I was focused on was academics, and I'm proud to say there are many strong students like me. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go to this school.
Cooper City High School is a very friendly environment for everyone. It does not have much diversity, but teachers are very understanding with international students, and diversity is something administration and school body are supportive of. Administration and Guidance is really helpful for students and parents. Guidance provides many resources for the development of every student individually. The campus is beautiful and advanced in technology.
For the most part the school is very well put together and most of the teachers are amazing. It's just every once in a while you will get that one teacher or counselor that isn't very helpful.
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My overall experience at cooper city high school was good, the staff is very helping and the school spirit seems to be getting better every year. I just wish it was more diverse. That was problem the biggest problem there.
I like the extra curricular activities and clubs offered at Cooper City High School. There is a special group for every individual, no matter if you are interested in debate, art, music, band, student government, or so on, at Cooper City High School there is a club for you, which you will find a home and a family in.
The teachers are very good but there are some that if they do not like you, they will make it hard on you. The administration does very little to help you with problems with a teacher. But overall, the school itself andd its programs are great
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