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Coon Rapids Senior High School Reviews

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Had a good experience overall, it was a nice school. The new addition looks awesome, it's what the school needed.
It offers some really good classes and has several amazing teacher but also has mediocre or semi bad teachers. The anoka hennepin district itself does not handle mental illness well and tends to sweep things such as suicide under the rug instead of confronting it and helping students.
Coon Rapids High School is a great place for students to connect within a diverse community. There is a lot of unique clubs and sports that you can be a part of. The staff is always helpful looking out for your best interest.
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I had a pretty average high school experience. Nice, supportive teachers for the most part. If anything was to change, I'd say a better parking lot system, because there is a lot of before and after school traffic.
I really like the teachers at the school but I would like to see a better sports program. The teachers are nice and you can tell that most of them really care about their students. This helps students to feel more comfortable at school and want to succeed.
Very diverse. Students of color can really find a home here. Friend groups are tight, Lots of opportunities to branch out.
Coon Rapids High has a diverse student body and amazing teachers who genuinely want to see their student succeed.
It’s a high school, expecting it to be great is the first step to disappointment. The teachers and staff are one of two bright spots in the school. The other one is the biomedical and engineering programs, outside of that it is quite lackluster. Unfortunately do to the characteristics of the student body (being extremely diverse) the administration believes that punishing an entire school is better then addressing the actual problems in the building. You are treated like crap unless you are at the tip top of your class or you are a great athlete, which is funny because we suck at most sports.
The School Spirit is amazing!! And the stuff there is always so welcoming. But the kids there are just kids there no one knows how to grow up
I liked the teachers at Coon Rapids High and the programs that they had to help first generation college seeking students get into college. I would recommend they work on their safety protocols so that this school would feel like a safer learning environment.
I really enjoyed the teachers and never had a problem with any of the staff. They are all really nice and helpful to the students. They all want what's best and seem to really enjoy their job. The only poor thing about the school is the sports. The school is not good at any of the sports and only seem to care about football.
Overall, CRHS is a decent school. Some things like how the scheduling is done could be improved for example seniors get first choice and so on. They could also spend money on more important things like a big enough parking lot for all students.
Being a senior at Coon Rapids High School, I have had exposure to all of the grade levels. And I would say overall it’s a pretty well set-up school. It has great teachers and staff, and the counseling experience is great. It’s easy for students to know where and who to go to for any possible need. But when I first came in as a freshman, I was honestly terrified. I felt isolated as I didn’t know where my classes were, and was scared for asking for help because I thought it would be embarrassing. One thing I would suggest for CRHS is to make it a more welcoming experience for freshmen. Maybe put well-labeled maps on the freshmen’s schedules, and have places marked on the map for them to go to for any questions (like stations where staff are there to help). Other than that, my past 3 years at CRHS have been great, and I wouldn’t change much in those years.
Teachers are always there for student and the school has good learning environment including safety and security thanks to all teachers
The high school is full of opportunities, but not everyone in the school is aware of them or advised to take up those opportunities. It is a very diverse school with just about every club/activity/sport. Overall it is a pretty good school.
What I like about Coon Rapids High School is the wide variety of people and stories. But I think we could change the culture to a more welcoming and positive one.
Coon Rapids was a fine place to take advanced and honors classes, but the culture and stigma of the Schoo were terrible.
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I like the teachers at the school they always knew when something was wrong and were always helpful and never give up on a student. The kids could be mean at times.
Coon Rapids high school is "ok" I mean it's "alright" It's just like any other high school you would see and that's definitely find with me!
a very good community of students and staff, lots of understanding and helpful people at the school.
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