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Coon Rapids-Bayard Intermediate/High School Reviews

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I love the small classes here! The teachers here are great and are willing to help. They really want you to learn. The sports are good and there is strong school spirit.
I had an asthma attack one day at school, and there was no nurse there that day, let alone most other days. One of my teachers took me home to get my inhaler though. There was definitely bullying, and the administration usually didn't do anything about it unless they witnessed it first hand.
If the administration was a different selection of people, ones who actually care about the students well being, then the school would be fine.
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I never ate at the school. They did not supply alternatives to those with food allergies, even when food allergies have been made aware of. I usually brought my lunch on a daily basis or went home.
When I started at the school Mr. Zanders was the principal, and the administration and policies were not too lenient but at the same time not too strict. When he left, and Mr. Jorth became the principal, it was horrible. When you had an issue at school or an event he would not speak to you without a meeting. He literally made my mom miss a day of work to discuss a bullying issue that he would not pay attention to when it actually happened. His leadership skills are the worst.
I feel like the quality of the teacher depended on if you liked the subject or not. The teacher could be amazing, but if you don't like the subject, you aren't going to want to pay attention. If you like the subject, then you would think the teacher is fantastic.
There weren't a lot of extra funds at the school for there to be money for clubs. The clubs we had we had to do fundraisers or pay out of pocket if we needed or wanted anything. A lot of the time there wasn't even support from the principal, Mr. Jorth.
It was a small school, so for there to be any sports teams most of the student body went out for sports, along with other extracurricular activities. This was good and bad. The teams always had players and members, but they had to make a choice on what they wanted to attend if there were multiple events going on on the same day. Spirit wise, there wasn't much because not a lot of the student body came to games they were not involved in.
Some classes applied to real world events, others did not. The most helpful was probably Economics, because Ms. Eifler taught us about student loans, which we definitely needed to know.
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