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I came to the USA in 2018 USA is a big country. One of my reasons to come to America is to make my dream come true. My dream is to be a good doctor and help people in Ethiopia even in Africa I am 100% sure there is no good medical treatment in Ethiopia or in Africa. My goal is to Change this thing by my profession for my goals I choose to come USA. For Education i choose Coolidge high school Coolidge is the best school in DC. I like my school and my teacher. I know Coolidge is important to me to make my dreams come true. The school gives for all students scholarship opportunity. And Coolidge have JROTC and NAF program and many other programs and i am in those programs.
The school is very disorganized. They are severely under staffed and there isn’t many clubs. If you are looking for a school that will pass you and not challenge you than this is your school. The education is so poor. The students struggle to do middle school work in HS! This schools resources are out dated and the administrations communication between parents and students needs work.
My experience has been pretty good, this is my senior year. I believe the school should get more supplies for the teacher and the kids, to further help the learnings and teachings. I also believe the school should have more activities and clubs for the kids to join.
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Coolidge is a friendly environment. However, they need to work on their college readiness and focus more on academics rather than athletics.
I think this school is good because tge teachers are nice and resources are fine and I can tell that it is a good school to go to.
I liked the quality of teachers and environment. I had a great program and courses when I attended. I am sad that there were so few attractive course offerings when my daughter attended.
I liked the fact that all teachers genuinely care however the classroom setting should be more engaging.
My experience at Coolidge wasn't bad but I think it should be better because nobody in high school should be walking outside going to classes and the number of students attending the school is going down.
I like the different clubs they have at school to do volunteer work and I like how involved the counselors are. I don't like the lunch at school it's disgusting and I don't like how old and dirty the school is.
The teachers make sure every student is prepared and knows what's going on in the classroom
Great and very positive when I was there.
Some parents only cared about their child's education and safety other cared about everyone. It was a 50/50 shot.
The teachers at that school were so great and I'm glad and proud that I attended that school and now I'm an alumni.
You will have a fun just remember to stay focused
My school has security guards that are present when you walk in the school. We have a pretty big school, so you can get away with things without suspicious or alarming the guards. bullying is a major factor in school period. I am against, My sister was bullied and my parents transferred her right away. I don't understand the need or desire to hurt or make someone cry. Its wrong.

Our health program can use some improvements. They have a habit of performing things on students without the parents consent.
I usually try not to eat lunch at school. Its usually too cold, or not cooked enough. I do appreciate the fact that they do offer lunch and breakfast to students who don't get fed at home.
The school tries to implement some policies for the students. In the beginning of the school year they are really adamant about sticking to the rules. 4 months in, the dress code is relaxed, Kids are fighting. The guidance counselors are terrible. They are over-worked, so they don't have time for the students. I'm a senior and I could hardly get any time in with my counselor without being brushed off or told to come back another day.
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I played varsity football and I spent a lot of time in the Gym and weight room and playing field. They are renovating the school after this year and I hope they improve the equipment and field.
There are some teachers that care about the students and the future of the students and there are some that approach there teacher position as a job and just a job!
I feel that a lot of the extracurricular activities offered at Coolidge wasn't take seriously because there were some teachers who just really didn't care too much. We didn't have opportunities to do amazing and exciting things and they did not tap into the potential that some of the kids have. There are plenty of smart and capable kids that attend Coolidge. Yes its true, we are a inner city school that doesn't have a great reputation and yes... We only have a graduating class of 30 kids this year in 2015. I blame that on the lack and desire to learn and the students feed off the energy of the teachers and staff. I am lucky to have parents that stayed on me about achieving and doing my best and There were some teachers who were genuinely there to help you as a student to look beyond high school and toward your future.
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