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I have been apart of this school since I was a little girl.Over time the school has went through many changes.I would love to see more opportunities in this school,such as more clubs and activities that way students will want to stay more involved.Although there is a few activities but there needs to be more so there will be an opportunity for all students.
Well our school doesn't have very much options. The food isn't very good at times so we do try to bring snacks. If we don't bring one then that's when we try to find someone that would like to share.Most of it seems healthy but we are not to sure.
The food is good at times...There are day that we wish we brought our lunch but half the time isn't so bad. It does look like it is unhealthy but I'm not very sure.
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Our school is very small so if we have a bomb threat we do our best to sort out the situation. We do have a local police that is on the clock for assistance. Our principle tries his best to keep us safe and calm if there should be a dangerous situation.
We have AG shop, band, and theater. That I know of, we do not have a honors class or just not enough students for the class.We do very well with students participating in these classes.
We have a good athletics program but without some supplies. The games are on average attended but people make time to go and cheer on our team. We do have a gym but no track field to practice on. Students do participate in sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, track, and cross country. We do our best with the equipment that we have.
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