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I have had an excellent experience at Coolidge high school, I get along with the teachers and administration. The teachers are very supportive and really want you to succeed no matter your grade or status. The security guards are friendly and very easygoing. The only issue with the school is the students can be very difficult and disruptive in a classroom setting if they don’t get their way.
Coolidge High School is a public high school located in Coolidge, AZ. I give them an average rating of 3/5 stars because they are mainly focused on preparing students for community college and in-state universities. The faculty is encouraging and uplifting towards the students and helping them to succeed in life after high school.
I have attended Coolidge High School all four years, with just about everything being acceptable as a student. Students have access to tablets for class and homework, and teachers use Smartboards in the classroom. Some aspects of the school may seem mediocre at times, but many other qualities make up for it. Go Bears!
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I loved Coolidge High School in the way that there was always a sense of community. If anything happened to any student or teacher in school we always came together to give each other strength.
Well I like some of the teachers but they we have to get people noticed about bullies other places not just here
I think each year, the student pride and activities get better and better. Since we are not the big of a school, we tend not have that many cliques or groups. I haven't seen any bullying and excluding people here. The people here are accepting of everyone, so it's not so much of a problem if you're "different"
The social scene at the social is very diverse. Many ethnics/racial diversity are very involved at the school either in clubs or sports.
The academics at the school are okay, they offer the basic classes that are needed to graduate plus ones that are rare.
The health and safety policies at this school are good, they could be better. Lately there has been some problems with bullying but the administrators have shut down the problems.
This school has many extracurriculars like culinary, sports and band.
This school is great to attend and it is very fun.
The teachers are easy to approach and will gladly help you when you need ot.
I think its a pretty nice school...there is alot of spirit and things are changing. I think its a family, like others said, i love chs and everyone here. go bears (:
there is many clubs to join. you just have to see what is out there and join!
there is ap and honors classes. the workload depends on what type of class you have. there is many options to choose from but it ultimately depends on what you want to do and how hard you want your work to be in, in normal or honors/ap.
the campus is pretty big and theres security guards. security cameras are everywhere and the security guards walk around campus. there would be a few things that should be changed but for the most part, it's a safe campus!
there is FBLA, NHS, CYC, FCCLA, Stugo, Robotics, Band, Choir, Dance, and alot more. they dont get the funding they need but some clubs have went to a national level for events and competitions. not that many students know of all the clubs, maybe some more advertisment but there is alot of clubs.
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i think it's a small but great school, i think slowly and slowly it will be great. there are so setbacks but for the most part, it's a great school. we have good teachers, good students, and we all care about each other. i think that it's different for every one but its what you make of it.
at chs, the teachers/staff are honestly great. i've been to different schools but the teachers are great. i think it's because it's small school so teachers can help you 1 on 1 with the small class sizes (not in every class). they try to motivate us and keep technology used in the classrooms. although we dont have all the resources and books, they always find new ways to keep the teaching great,
i really love this school. i have been to different schools in the area, and this one has been the best. I really hope we can change the image people have on our school. i say take a chance and try it! If there could be one word to describe us bears, it's "united". We really are a huge family and we care for one another. There is so much to do here, you just have to go take the opportunities and use them! bear down!!
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