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Cookson Hills Christian School Reviews

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Everything is set up for our safety and health. It is a nice school and if anyone tries to impose on anyone's help or safety someone steps up and intervenes!
There are different extracurricular activities every year. There could be scrapbooking, hiking, equine, Marshall arts, worship band, drama, ect. You never know what great things you could find!
The school host kids from many different backgrounds. We've all had tough times and that sometimes get in the way. However, we care about each other. The school challenges us to be kind, helpful, and work hard.
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The teachers really care. They work hard to help us understand what is being taught! They spend extra time during resource, study hall and after school to make sure you get the best help you deserve. They even allow us to call them at home if they need help!
We just got a brand new school building and cafeteria built and so all the resources such as computers and the facilities are great.
Overall this school is great with health and safety. drugs, offending language and connotations, movements are not allowed and are not tolerated. The staff work hard to make sure that everybody is in a safe state of mind by making sure that other students are not doing things to disrespect each other. Sometimes they can't watch everybody at once and once in a while kids do things that they do not catch... but once they see it on the cameras that student is in serious trouble.
due to the fact that this school is part of a program, it was hard to get a good team or enough players to create a team due to the fact that people left unexpectedly. With that said, it was hard to have a winning team. We still were able to learn life values such as self-control, teamwork and Christ centered competition.
The policies are set and followed no matter who the student is.
The teachers go out of their way to help the students. They show concern when a student is not showing interest in the class and they stay after school to help answer any questions. The school is great!
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