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Because the class sizes were so small, teachers were able to engage with the students and work with them on a more personal level. You grow up becoming super close with teachers and students within your class
We are a small but mighty school! The family atmosphere has always been important to me - I enjoy interacting with all grade levels on a daily basis. Our teachers truly love their students and aim to help each student succeed not only in academics but also in real life. I will graduate soon, but my years at Cook Inlet Academy will never be forgotten and have prepared me to be a productive, caring adult!
I would immediately recommend Cook Inlet Academy to anyone. Some of my reasons are everyone genuinely cares. It's not fake. The other students, teachers, principle, and even janitors all care about you and will do anything to help you. Also I have learned so much here. Many of the Teachers look at certain subjects from different angles and figure out which teaching method works for you.
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Parents are actively involved with activities at the school. Most students are driven by parents or drive buses. Guidance counselor helps prepare students for college...Laptops available to students for research and or homework purposes.
There were student council organized activities. I was involved in the NHS. Sports practices occurred usually after school.
I was able to get to know my classmates really well and we all became really close. As students, we were able to get to know the teachers better and the teachers would willingly help us with issues whether personal or homework related. It was like a small family.
Teachers genuinely interested in students' lives. Guidance counselor cares for students and helps to prepare them for the future. There are consequences for continual late attendance.
I've enjoyed my college experience so far. I've done alright in my studies, made lots of new friends, and enjoyed myself along the way.
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