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What a terrible school. Send your kids here if you want them to have a terrible education. All the teachers suck at teaching (literally almost all of them). The paras are all really stupid. All the kids are really annoying and no nothing about the real world (very sheltered). A big majority of the kids don't even know how to tell time or read. This is also a very racist school that tries so hard to not look racist because they are afraid. They don't know how to deal with problems and they like to target specific people. When this school actually has money they spend it on things like tv's in the hallways instead of heating the school (you can see your breath in the hallway in the winter). The phone and hood rule is stupid and WAY too strict. I am so glad that I moved to St. Paul away from these idiots. I am also super happy that I am going to a WAY better diverse school now, that actually knows how to run like a school should.
Cook a County High School offers great opportunities for AP classes, but there is no existing honors program. It also has very poor access to the arts, continually putting their sport teams above theater, choir, band, and art.
Cook County High School is a very excellent school. With very personal relationships with teachers and fellow student, you gain a knowledge of everyone around you. The staff and classes they offer are great. One thing I would change is the amount of prep they give you before college.
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Honestly this school is pretty nice, but its has so many stereo types in it. Everyone gets categorized and its not very fair. But you cant controll it, its always been this way, and it makes it hard cause there is so many different types of people, there is always a group not getting along.
School nurse is rarely at the school, most likely due to a lack of funding. Health textbooks are straight out of the 80s and 90s. Bullying isn't very obvious, but it does happen mostly in the form of joking gone too far. The principal and school board seem to use the argument of safety to take away some long standing privileges.
There is a healthy amount of sports here for being such a small school, however there are very few clubs having to do with the arts and sciences. The administration generally only takes honest interest in the activities when it's short on money and thinking about cutting them. Also the PTA is not entirely helpful with funding for all sports equally.
Cook County is both good and bad for its size. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in sports and clubs and the teachers are ready to give personal attention to their students. However, because of its size, the school is very underfunded. The amount of classes and activities is few. Poor, some would say terrible, administration has caused the school to cut important classes and activities leading some students to leave the school and district.
You have some really great teachers and some that aren't so great. The ones that really care do go above and beyond and the majority of teachers are willing to listen and help students individually.
This is a small school so that many of the students have grown up knowing each other their whole lives. So, everyone's friends. A couple years ago, however, someone was bullied badly because they were different. Now, though, it's different.
Personally, I like the teachers. They are friendly and nice. However, there are a few of them that don't seem to have a handle on their classrooms. Things get out of hand quickly and it's hard for them to gain control. Workload isn't unmanageable. I handle it and have for three years. There are not a lot of extra classes available. There is special study options. There's this program happening in a week where students find out how to study and prepare for school. They also get a free book to help.
It isn't horrible but it isn't excellent
I have loved all of the extracurriculars I have participated in
Its not horrible, but not great either.
In recent years, more cameras have been added, doors are locked, and visitor badges are needed. Security have been added and its a relatively safe. However,

In a bullying situation they hurt the person being bullied rather than the bullies which really made me mad. But, yeah, it's safe.
There aren't really any clubs at my school. There are sports and the one act play but that's about it. Sports cost money though. It is $150 to play a sport. Football is big and there is a lot of community support which is great for the team. Same can be said by other sports. There's always a lot

Of people in the gym supporting the players.
My experience is good. However, I do feel like there were instances where things weren't dealt with in a good way. I also haven't been to another high school to rate it as the best or the worst. We had a history day in eighth grade that was really fun. Also, seniors who are in the college English class are able to perform on stage and learn to improvise. They also go to a play in the capital of Minnesota.
Teachers are...teachers. I personally like my teachers. They're nice and teach

Their classes fairly well. However, in my younger years I've came upon some teachers who didn't seem to know what they're doing as well as teachers who are acting as I don't think a teacher

necessarily should.
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People lack respect and the principal lacks respect for students
Things are a lot more secure in the past few years - having the doors locked and a sign in procedure is not fool proof, but better then unlocked access all day
White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Rednecks often making fun of anything or anyone slightly different from them.
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