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Most of the teachers are very helpful and understanding people. I enjoyed making friends at this school and taking such great classes. The school has given students amazing opportunities with clubs and sports. The school does have some issue with following up and taking action when there are issues between students and/or faculty.
To start, Cony seems great on the outside. The building looks nice, the staff seem friendly. However, as a student, my perspective is quite different. First, the teachers. A lot of them is great, such as the Latin/intro to foreign language teacher. However, there is one in particular I dislike (among many other students). I won't be naming them for privacy, however they are awful. They yell at the class and send students out for the smallest reasons, such as having a "tone in your voice" when that's how you talk. For me, specifically, I was messing around with a friend in another class across the hall. I would tap her on the head with an empty water bottle. She left the room to get something, and I got the door for her when she came back. The teacher (We'll call them B) comes from across the hall and calls me and another student into the hall. I got in trouble for hitting my head (I said it was a joke) and the other person got in trouble for not getting the door. This school.
I like the diversity and the fact that most of the teachers are passionate about what they teach. There’s lots of opportunity. The administration isn’t that great though. They rarely listen to what the students have to say, even though they pride themselves on being a community centered around open mindedness and growth. However, this is my fifth year attending (middle school included) and I have to say other than administrators being kinda dumb sometimes, my overall experience has been pretty good!
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While there are teachers and staff that care very deeply for Cony, the administration is flawed. Often students find themselves in trouble for standing up for themselves. Other students who may try to make progress by educating students and staff on different identities and struggles are mostly pushed to the side. Not to mention the lack of modern textbooks and educational sources, along with a striking absences of AP/IB class choices and extracurricular activities means students find themselves lacking a lot of experience that other people their age have, and realize that, despite what may be pitched by certain school officials, Cony is not the "land of opportunity".
I'm a new student at Cony this year, and I have to say a LOT
First the administration. The administration does little to listen to students' complaints!
Second, the students themselves. I can't go a full day without hearing two N-bombs!
Third, the teachers. The teachers are actually pretty cool. One teacher I mentioned earlier has been reported to have been staring at girls butts during class. One time during homeroom he was standing behind a student while speaking to her and not even trying to hide what he was looking at!
Fourth, the social ranks. In the middle school, there are several ways to survive. The main ways I quickly discovered is to either
A) Be up-to-date on trends, wear popular clothes etc.
B )Be edgy
A would make sense, but B seems weirder. Being edgy shows others you don't care and shouldn't be messed with. However, no matter how you choose to act socially, you'll get into drama.
Cony does a great job for higher level students (those who take AP and Honors courses), although they struggle some with college prep and integrated classes (the middle and lower level classes).
I like that some of the teachers enjoy teaching. The school is not that old, but it isn't big enough for all the students. I would change that.
Cony is basically like any other high school you have your different groups and sports. It’s an okay school but it’s based on your own opinion.
I was so excited to attend Cony because many of my family members had graduated from there. Unfortunately, when I attended I found a lot of racism and an administration that didn't care enough to change anything. Instead of taking pride in the diversity that the immigrant families gives this community, Cony allowed students to get away with making racist remarks.
In addition to this, the arts are not given enough of a chance. I understand that this is due to funding, but it's hard to be a student and care about what you're doing if the school department and everything supposedly supporting it is trying to tear down the only department in the school that allows students to express themselves in a safe and creative way.
As a high school student getting ready for college, I would like to see teacher's be a little bit more strict and persistent. Due dates shouldn't be pushed back, consequences need to be followed through, and students need more positive reinforcement!
Cony High School has really broken me out of my shell. It has let me be involved in many activities having to do with my passion: music. All the teachers are really willing to help you in any time of need. The teachers really do care about you and your grade. As long as you put the work in and show an interest, you can't go wrong. A great school full of acceptance among many different of people.
More diversity of student population. More classes options. Move middle school to separate building, grow high school.
It was okay. The teachers are great and teach very well but when it comes to seeing or helping bullying or disciplining kids who break the rule they don't do well so 3 stars.
Cony is a good school as long as you apply yourself and try to do well. Cony has a variety of classes to choose from and some even allow you to earn college credit which is very nice.
Cony is a great school that provides an open and safe environment for its students. The staff are amazing, your peers are amazing. Its such a diverse place, there really are not two people that are the same. I believe that is the beauty of the place.
I absolutely love Cony high school. This school is incredibly supportive and inclusive. The administration is amazing, teachers are passionate, and the students are kind and compassionate. I went to Augusta Public schools K-12 and I feel it absolutely prepared me for a rigorous college curriculum
Passionate staff; safe school; great academics; strong student body; I have been extremely impressed with the education that my children received at Cony.
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I am going on my fourth year at Cony High School and have had both good and bad experiences as most students do. In the future, I would suggest that Cony offer more meal options and assure that all of their staff invest a little more time getting to know their students and how they learn.
I went to Cony School for four years and it was a rocky start but it ended wonderfully. I had wonderful teachers and plenty of help when the time came to find a college. I just feel that they should try to push students more. Their were brilliant students that were back burners because of their lack of commitment and they just needed a nudge. Ultimately pretty good school.
Cony High School was a wonderful experience. The courses were challenging and taught me more than I thought I could learn. I faculty and staff were determined to prepare all students for life after high school.
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