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It's really good I would like to get air conditioning in the gym its mandatory to me.Besides that the academic are great and college acceptances are very high.
Horrible. My brother died my sophomore year and I was out of school for a few weeks and when I came back teachers weren't understanding of my situation. And I know this sounds outrageous, but one of my teachers came to my brother's wake, and when I returned to school, everyone had a purple ribbon on. We gave out purple ribbons at the wake for my brother's cancer. Turns out the cancer club decided to sell the ribbons to make money for the club. No one asked my family if it was okay, and the money wasn't donated to us. Plus I had to constantly be reminded of my brother's death because everyone had it on their backpacks. The staff was just horribly insensitive.
I am a senior at Egan, and I can say whole-heartedly that I had a great experience in the last 4 years. The friends that I've met and the teachers I had both shaped me into who I am today. There is always somebody there to help you if you're in need.
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As a Conwell Egan Catholic Alum, this school has given me everything I need to go forth into college. I met many life long friends and participated in activists that never would of interested me at first. Spirit Night is by far the best 3 days of the year. As Egan was given a donation, they are renovating everything to be more modern and high tech which is very beneficial for the students that will be coming in. However the Math department does need work and an AC definitely has to be put in.
Not good, the education isn’t good and the facilities are bad, way overpriced they raise tuition every year.
My experience at Conwell Egan has been both encouraging and enlightening. The teachers there are very helpful and the curriculum has been challenging to help prepare students for the future. When I first started at Conwell Egan I was very shy and unsure of myself, but the challenges that I faced and the overall family oriented feeling and support I received helped me come out of my shell. I am glad I chose Conwell Egan as it has been a great experience for me.
If you are looking for a school where your son or daughter can be themselves, grow in their faith, leadership, academics, and socially, then CEC is where you want them to be. CEC has grown so much in the past 5 years, it's been amazing to watch. My children have been at CEC and are presently at CEC and I have watched each one of them grow in different ways. They have been well prepared for college, they make great friends, given opportunities to be leaders, grown academically as well as in their faith. Students can take College courses, be involved in any sport or club as well as the Arts, all while gaining a strong academic background that will only help them to be successful after they graduate. CEC allows these students to come to school and be a part of a community that supports, encourages, challenges and develops students who are ready to take the next step in life. Best of Luck and I hope my children will be welcoming yours into the CEC Family soon!!
The school feels like a second home and my classmates are likea second family. The teachers genuinely care about you and want the best for you.
Our son is a Sophomore at CEC and we couldn't be happier. The community is one where students thrive in multiple areas including academics, fine arts, sports and community service. With the new Center for Student Leadership, CEC students will be able to make more informed decisions about their future through real life discussions with experts from many careers. The Fine Arts department is second to none with dedicated instructors and opportunities for students to build upon their interests and talent.
I wholeheartedly recommend CEC!
Conwell Egan Catholic Highschool has allowed me to flourish academically and socially with others. Through its activities/clubs/sports I've been able to meet many friends and socialize with others. If I could change anything in the school I would invest in better menus for the students to purchase food off of. I would also like for teachers and faculty members to invest more time preparing students for college.
My daughter had a wonderful experience at Conwell-Egan. She then went on to a top rated university, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude!
Being a part of CEC is like being a part of a big family. Everyone is so caring, devoted to their work and willing to go the extra mile. I would highly recommend CEC to anyone!
Our kids attend Conwell Egan and have had a very positive experience during their time there. They have had many great teachers that have inspired and excited them. The size of the school is a real differentiator as the teachers and administration really get to know the students and parents. The new principal has done a great job with discipline so the issues noted in the past are no longer a concern. The new Center for Student leadership is an amazing program with a phenomenal space. No other school in the area has anything like it.
As a 2018 Conwell-Egan alum I can honestly say that this school has built a road to a beautiful destination for my classmates and I. With the school only having 500 and some kids, it builds each students confidence and character. Students are able to express themselves no matter who they are or what they do. This would not be possible without the wonderful teachers. I look back on my high school years with pride and am grateful for all the amazing opportunities they provided me. Currently I am in my freshman year of college studying pre-science. Thank you Conwell-Egan for preparing me for my future.
Such a caring community of teachers, students, alumni and families. A great four years of my life and I am proud to send my children to this school. So great to see all the positive changes! Thank you.
A very active community where students, parents, teachers, and alumni are involved in providing the best overall educational experience. A school devoted to student success.
An excellent education and a tight-knit community. Teachers are always willing to help, and push their students towards success and opportunity. There is a very high student-involvement rate, which adds to the overall experience for students!
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I love that Spirit Night exists. This event truly brings the school together and allows the school spirit to shine through. I would like to see some of the old traditions brought back.
Small school with teachers willing to help the students. Strong religious attitudes. Students are number 1 priority at the school. School is celebrating 60 years and just received a 5 million grant from an alumni.
This high school wasn't bad freshman year, however, as the years went on more fights occurred in school. The academics were also average for a private school. They seemed more focused on the Catholic environment, rather than preparing for college. I believe my child would get the same experiences/knowledge if they attended the local public schools in the area.