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Conway High School was good with the AP programs and students, however, my experiences in "regular" classes were nowhere near as good. Teachers did not seem to care much outside of advanced classes, and this transferred into the students. Overall, it was a good learning environment, but some areas just need a little more enthusiasm.
Small school in a small town. Teachers and administration are kind and tolerant. Despite what many students will say, this school did the best it could with the resources it had. It isn't their fault the funding for Conway is very, very low.The teachers were very good at teaching their subjects and most were really nice, understanding, and kind. The only problem with this school is the students themselves. Most of the students refuse to learn and prefer to live out an uneducated, hick stereotype. Despite the efforts of the teachers, the students made every staff members' lives miserable. The teachers deserve so much better. Try another school in the area instead of this high school, because the teachers have to teach simple classes due to the unwillingness of the student body to learn any material whatsoever. The classes are very simple and there are NO high level, challenging classes.
Some of the things I admire about Conway High School is how small the classes are and how the teachers can focus on one on one with the students. It is very important to me that students understand what they are learning.
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I love the school and the most of the teachers are great and caring but you can definitely tell that they favor others over most students. They don't even attempt to hide it. This is a very active hunting community and teachers will lecture kids who stay home sick but if your out hunting it's "did you catch anything?" As a animal rights activists, I find it very unfair that they get special treatment when killing things but when others stay home to not get other kids sick they get admonished.
There is a variety of clubs and organizations. There is many sports, academic clubs, fun clubs, and some clubs that work to benefit the school and community.
The teachers care about student's grades and overall understanding.
The principal, guidance counselor, and office staff are involved with safety and academics. There's an anti-bullying club and dress code is strict.
Every Wednesday we have pasta with meat sauce and it isn't very good at all.
The teachers are great, they always try to make learning fun and teach in different ways so it's not the same technique over and over again. I would choose this school again because it is small and has a wonderful staff.
My school is great. We have availability to technology, our school stays clean, and the school is in good quality condition. We recently added an addition onto our school and got rid of the old trailers. This was a great thing because the trailers were really old and not in good condition.
I feel safe at my school and the staff and teachers here are very helpful and always do what needs to be done to prevent someone from getting hurt. They are also great with handling bulling and have assemblies to discuss bullying and how it can hurt others. We also just installed a new security system. With this system each person that enters the building has to be let in by the office and they must sign in when they get there and sign out when they leave. I believe this is a great addition to the school and will be very useful.
The teachers do a wonderful job at preparing the students and doing their best to make sure they understand.
Conway is full of athletes. We are a very diverse school. The size of the crowd generally depends on the sport. My school has always excelled in sports. Some sports struggle at times, but we have always had a great boys basketball and baseball team. We have a fitness program called physical training which is an option for any student interested. over all we have a pretty good sports and fitness program.
There are several extracurricular activities but some of them could be better. Some of the sports are looked at more highly then others such as baseball gets a lot nicer stuff than softball.
We do not have a wide variety of foods here. I pack my lunch everyday just for the simple fact that I do not care for the school lunches. The times when I do eat school lunch all the cooks are very polite. We also have the option of snack bar at my school. Snack bar is a great thing for those who do not like the food that the cafeteria is serving.
The administration at Conway High School is great. All the teachers are very helpful and make learning as fun as possible. The office workers are always on top of their job and know what they are doing. The principal here is very supportive and is always willing to help out the students. All the staff in this school is very kind and supportive and make the best of their job. From the janitors keeping the school clean to the superintendent keeping everything in line, my school is definitely a fantastic school!
I truly do love my high school. It was so easy for me to get accustomed to it.
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Most teachers in Conway will strive to assist a student in any way they may need. If that means after school tutoring or credit recovery, so be it.
It's is very easy to get involved in extracurricular activities, as well as making friends in them.
It's great for me, because I like that I can build a relationship and bond with a teacher. I'm always going to love small town schools with smaller class room sizes. It's very easy to get the one on one time you may need.
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