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I have had a great time here with teachers and students alike. they have shown how school teachers should react in situations.
I loved going to Conway because I knew most of the students. A majority of the teachers are amazing and the school pushes you to become the best you that you can become.
While attending Conway High School, I was able to take many AP classes and earn credits to help me in my future endeavors in college. While attending Conway High, I think that there are a couple of issues that could be fixed for futures generations. Some solutions for the success of Conway could consist of offering more classes outside of the basic math, English, science, and social studies. Classes, such as, home economics, nursing program, diverse language classes, and many more. One other thing that could be fixed at Conway High, would be the amount of effort put into school spirit. I believe that our school puts a lot of focus on sports, but don't try as hard when it comes to showing support. We should include the student body more and actually hold pep rallies. I believe that if our student spirit club did not cost money to join, almost everyone would want to be apart of it and participate. Not every student is going to be able to afford the price to show.
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I think Conway High School is a good school. There is a really good amount of chill students and teachers and I've had a pretty good experience in my high school career. I recommend this school if you live in the area.
My experience at Conway was good because of the people I hanged around with. I enjoyed being with my friends and felt like we had a little bit of freedom our senior year. The Basketball team was very good this year but the football team was kinda eh. They have very good musical program.
The teachers there are interested in our future they push us to do our best. I would like to see the put more money in other programs at the school besides football and baseball.
Conway is filled with helpful staff members that are willing to take the time to help you learn and progress as well as teach you life lessons to prepare you for your future
Conway High School has been a great experience and it has given a lot of opportunities to the students through the STEM classes.
Staff will help students to the best of their ability by having students take appropriate classes for their college/career choice. This school is advancing slowly but surely.
This was an amazing school that prepared me well for college. I took many Advanced Placement courses and my teachers prepared me well. There were no problems with my education or my peers and I would stay longer if I could.
I like that it is a nice environment and we get plenty of time to get to class. I would like the lunch to be better and I would want a free period added to the school day.
Conway High is an overall good school. The teachers are willing to teach the students who are ready to learn and discipline those who try to take away from their success. The administration is always there to help with anything you need and just want to see their students succeed.
It was good with kindness and life lessons through some teachers had trouble with their own jobs. The safety is well rounded and most kids are diverse and the culture is nice. Learning from the years I've been there It was a good experience but it only partially prepared me for college.
Conway High School is a great school that tries its best to support its students in anything they want to do. The guidance office provides great knowledge for college readiness and scholarships that could help students attend a college they wish. The academics provides students with a semi-extreme selection on AP and Honors classes that they wish to take. Clubs and Honor Societies do their best to make sure that students are getting involved in their community and school life. Students are always pushed to do their best, even though many students to not take the initiative to do so. Overall, Conway High School is a great school but could use some work on open mindedness. Many students at Conway High have the same opinions as their peers, and when someone has a different opinion the students to not support their argument in a mature manner.
Conway High School is a great very high spirited school. They are very strict about their education system and wants every student to do their best. Teachers there helps students as much as they can with college readiness.
I started attending Conway High my junior year , it was kind rough at first but then I had to meet new people and get use to the new environment because I came from a very small school . Overall I can say that they will push you to do better ! and make you fell welcome ! and I'm very proud to say I will be finishing my high school career at Conway High School with people that I know would help me strive for what I want in life.
The school consists of many diverse programs. With these programs comes many personality differences. Many of the students do not get along, and many of the teachers are slackers.
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More information about college. Getting students information about when to apply for sports scholarships and advise on how to manage college life and search for colleges that fit your desires for a better education.
Going to Conway High was a worthwhile experience. My Avid teachers prepared me well for what I needed to do to get to college and helped my pick which college I wanted to go to. The athletic teams were great, the basketball and football teams consistently made it into playoffs. The school however, could use some school spirit.
What I liked about Conway high school is that the guidance counselors are always and very helpful if you need someone to talk to or need help with something.
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