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The school is growing rapidly. I Recently graduated from CCS and I truly loved my time there. The teachers not only care about the academic success of their students but genuinely care about their lives. They tend to have very strong relationships with their students.
I was at Conway Christian School from K-3 till senior year. They are very great for elementary school but once you get to high school it does not seem as organized or well focused. I do not feel as prepared as I should be for some subjects in college. Their focus towards God is great and they try and incorporate it through everything. The teachers show a great appreciation for you and truly care about you.
This is a great school but it has it's flaws like any place. There are some great teachers but a few are not. The good really does outweigh the bad. I have been here for four years and have made some great friends. The teachers are willing to help if there are any issues and are super friendly. Some have their favorites and it can affect the class but over all a great school.
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Love this school. My daughter has attended, going on 6 years. The teachers are excellent and offer to tutor after school if need be. The Staff is such a Godly example to our children. Their Athletics is excellent as well. Our school has grown in leaps and bounds and I am so blessed to have my daughter in school here. Our children attend outside christian activities as well . The only thing I would change is, starting her here in Pre-k. She started at the beginning of 3rd grade, she is going into 9th grade this upcoming year. . My child has flourished since she has been in school here, in every area, not just academically. She loves her school, she doesn't want to be anywhere else. It does make a difference having your child in a Christian School, they are not subjected to any of the garbage that goes on in public school. Our Children are equipped both academically and in God's word. When they go to College , they are equipped both Academically and in God's word.
CCS has been a wonderful school for my children! They focus on the fundamentals of learning while building up the character of their students.
I would avoid. I can’t wait to get my kids out of the school! Many of the faculty members are judgmental and the administration is unwilling to try new educational ideas and move into a modern society. I personally donated a full ipad lab and it took the school over a year after they received the iPads to put them into use. I will also note that many of the teachers do not pass SC certification standards.
My school asks on your application if you're on any medicines, or allergic to anything. This is just pone of the ways they help protect students. They also have many surveillance cameras to ensure that they know who and what is on the school grounds at any time.
Our extracurricular activities are extremely fin and productive! It's such a great way to make friends and to help your GPA.
I think one of the things that have made my experience here at Conway Christian School enjoyable, would definitely have to be the sports. With the school being smaller than a normal public school, I have had to opportunity to participate in every sport I have wanted to play. I think this advantage is something that is rare to most students.
The Teachers at my school, ever since I was in Kindergarten have always been there for me to help me through academic and life struggles. Going to a smaller school like Conway Christian, it has really given me the opportunity for my teachers to always be there facilitating my scholastic needs.
The principal, guidance counselor, and all of the other staff are really involved in the school. They help out so much by encouraging students, participating in fundraisers, etc. They are consistent when it comes to the rules and enforce things such as the dress code.
My school has JV and Varsity volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. The Varsity softball team has won the SCACS state championship for the past 3 years. We also have yearbook, high school choir, and other extracurricular opportunities. I really enjoy taking pictures for yearbook.
I would definitely choose this school again if I could do it all over. It has made me the person I am today. Not only do the teachers teach academic subjects, but they also try to help their students grow spiritually. It's such a close knit school. I've spent my whole life at this school; I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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