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Conway Christian School has given me a number of opportunities and allowed me to integrate my beliefs and faith into my studies. Through the school I have been able to play on multiple sport teams, act in the school play and discover the passion I have for choir/choral performance. The teachers and administration believe in the students and promote not only academic success, but life success after high school.
It is fantastic to learn in a Christ centered environment! I, as a senior, know how important it is to learn in such an environment because it is what shaped me into who I am today.
Conway Christian School is a distinguished school that helps prepare students for college and other experiences in the world. With strong connections with the faculty, each student has the amazing opportunity for a Christian education.
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It gave me so many opportunities to prepare for college and the course really challenged me to think on a deeper level. The faculty and staff are the friendliest people and I love being able to call myself an Alum of this school.
It is a private school that is for people who want to get an education and have the influence of God all around them. The sports teams there are amazing, and you will make friends that will stick with you for a long time.
It is a good school. It is a college prep school and they take their jobs seriously. They teachers and staff are dedicated and work hard to make sure their students are learning and succeeding. The students grow close due to the small class sizes and it is like one big family. Another bonus due to the small class sizes is that you get a more personal feeling in high school.
Conway Christian school has the best teachers, anyone could ask for. The teachers are always ready to help when you need it. CCS has a great academic learning level. I have gone here my whole life. I highly recommend it.
I love the family atmosphere of Conway Christian. Everyone is friendly, encouraging, and connected to one another. Additionally, I like how concurrent classes are offered. Through taking concurrent classes at Conway Christian, I have been able to complete my freshman, and some of my sophomore, years of college. I am prepared for rigorous academic courses because of the education and teachers at Conway Christian.
I absolutely love this school. It has an amazing atmosphere. It is such a small school that it is easy to know everyone here; some people feel like family. Not only do the academics challenge me intellectually, but they are have Christian concepts incorporated into them. We get to see the perspectives and worldviews of many other religions, and we learn how to defend our own by learning those. Everyone gets to be involved in sports because it is so small; students can excel in multiple things. All of the students are well-rounded because there is an endless amount of opportunities at this school. The staff all care about each and every student here. They enforce the rules well when needed, but they are also very friendly. It does not get much better than Conway Christian.
For such a small school, the extracurricular activities are numerous. The students can expand their interest in many areas. You can be an athlete and also be part of the theatre club. It is great!!
Small school where the teachers take an interest in you inside and outside of the classroom.
I am not too familiar with the safety policies at the school. Fortunately, we have never encountered an issue while attending.
I love that the students at Conway Christian High School truly care about each other. The students are very supportive and encouraging to one another. These two characteristics has made our experience at Conway Christian a worthwhile investment.
The health and safety at school are great
The teachers genuinely care about their students
I loved my experience at Conway Christian. Of course there were things that I didn't like, but that will happen anywhere you do. The teachers helped me in every way that they could and I felt so loved and adored!
The buildings are wonderful. Air conditioning and heating work wonderfully. Wifi is a bit of a struggle, but they are planning to redo that over the summer. Technology is good. The elementary students have a mac lab with probably 30 apple computers, very nice. The high school has a computer lab, not as nice, but it gets the job done.
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I always feel very safe at my school. The door are automatically locked at all time and teaches have to use a special key card to get in. There are also random drug tests to ensure that kids are not taking drugs at least during the school year.
There are not many requirements, just a demonstration of academic ability to maintain pace. This is an interview process
I have thoroughly enjoyed sports and the spring play every year. I have participated in five varsity sports over my high school career and have been in three plays. The friends I have made are definitely life-long. This school is so unique because the teachers are so involved and genuinely care about the student's grades and lives outside of school. I would absolutely choose this school again if I could do it all over because the education is top notch, I am graduating with 30+ college hours completed, the administration, faculty and staff are wonderful people, and the opportunities that this school offers with sports and clubs and trips can't be found anywhere else.
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