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Converse High School is a great school .They help you when you need it the most . They worry about their students they want the best for them ,they want them to try their best at everything. They listen to the parents and they try to do their best to help the students . They are nothing but kind ,they do not like bullies and they would do everything for the person that was being bullied to be happy and for them to know that they are way better then what they are being called.If you want respect you have to give respect that's the key.
With my experience, Converse has offered so many opportunities for me. From being in many different clubs, to being apart of the athletic program. Converse has a loving, but challenging atmosphere, and truly makes you prosper as a student, as well as a friend. This school has grown me into the young man I am today. It has taught me leadership skills, how to manage my time, and how to be the best person I can be. I do wish to see that the school changes in the academic side of it as to the classes they offer. I would like to see more challenging classes as electives, so that you could broaden your fields of study so that you can see things you're interested in, and things you aren't.
I have attended my whole school career at Converse School. We are certainly a small school, but that's what is great about my school. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone is able to form a better relationship with one another. That certainty helps with learning, and having a good experience at school. I HIGHLY recommend Converse School to anyone, its great and like having a second family!
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I love my school. If you push aside the drama and gossip, you will have a great experience in our tiny town.
This school has helped me to be college ready and that's all I can necessarily ask for.
The teachers at Converse are very friendly and are always ready to help anyone who needs it. Their teaching methods are great also.
Like I answered in the survey, it's only average. Not too great and not so bad.
At my school, they're not too strict on bullying considering I've been mistreated and nothing has ever been done about it.
We have many meetings for parents and faculty to get together and discuss dress code and such.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school include many clubs such as: Beta, SADD, Science Club, LA Gear Up, 4-H, FCA, FFA, and BCA.
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